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Go get your cup and read on. Blogging’s therapeutic for me, and I pray encouraging for you. Each days’ blog is a bit of journaling of slices of life here in our home and ways the LORD’s working. Someday my children will read “mom’s blog” and catch a glimpse of some of what was “important” each day, some of the “snap-shots” of the day, what was going on in the world and what really stirred up my thoughts. — May 27, 2004  I read with great interest articles pertaining to homeschooling—specifically, lately, articles featuring homes-chool graduates.  Since we have another home-school graduate (this week!!), it’s particularly good to read a positive article and to see others who’re doing well in the business of training up children in the Way they should go.   Here’s a great rebuttal(!) to the  imprudent Quinn Cotton article on the horrors of home-school(ers).  This, by a PhD, no less, is a very interesting look at some angles of homeschooling that rarely surface.  Home-schoolers are quite delightful—and I could write volumes on the reasons we do home-school and don’t send our children out to the government schools.  This is the real world—I mean, you can just *tell* it continue reading

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