My First Pie


My first pie was probably the best pie I’ve ever made — though my mama tells me that a fresh blackberry pie I made something like eight years after that first pie was the best pie I ever made.  I don’t know if either one was really the best — but in my fond memories, or the events that have made the greatest impression on me are those events that were ‘first’s’  — those attempts at achieving perfection with no experience — it was the best pie.

Perfection doesn’t necessarily come from doing something hundreds of times — but is something done well hundreds of times — that’s what makes for “perfection.”  I’m finally beginning to see that the adage “practice makes perfect” isn’t necessarily correct.  For something done wrong — especially done wrong hundreds of times — is still wrong.  But something done right over and over and over becomes something done perfectly well.

I’m learning is that nothing is ever perfect.  But you know what else?  Close is really good enough.  In cooking, that is.

My first pie…

Just south of where we were married in San Francisco, my husband and I rented our first home — a small apartment with a very small galley type kitchen.  I was attempting to create and make a home for the two of us and Wes’s two cats.  Nothing seemed to speak home to me more than pie.  I removed the packaging and opened my beautiful new Better Homes & Gardens Cookbook… and saw the photograph of Apple Pie…  recipe on page…

I carefully wrote down all I’d need to make that pie (along with Fried Chicken – but that’s another First story for another day).  I went to our local market and bought all I needed for that dinner.  I recall spending $176.  Yes.  One-hundred-seventy-six dollars.  Two people.  Yes, that, too, is another First story for another day.

I carefully put away in the little cabinets and in the little fridge all the different groceries.  I opened my cookbook, got out all my new baking stuff… my huge(!) mixing bowl set ;o)  and measuring cups and spoons.  I got out all the necessary ingredients.  I read the recipe again.  Hmmm.

I called my husband at work and asked him:  When the recipe says to pare and core the apples, does that mean take off the skin and stuff and cut it up? He told me he thought that sounded about right. ;o)

It was the best apple pie I’ve ever made.


8 thoughts on “My First Pie

  1. Sorry Mrs. Spurling. I dropped by the other day but the posts were messed up and I didn’t know if you had responded or not. I will type up the recipes and email them to you soon!

    Ouida Gabriel

  2. Ouida — I have made Loompia a very long time ago — and I would *very much* like the recipe for making them — I don’t have one. Thank you!!

  3. I can type it up and send you a email if you would like? Contact me by my email address. If you want I can type up how to make Loompia too. Have you had it before? They are fantastic! We make those every Thanksgiving for lunch. We can’t make them fast enough to be able to keep up with the children.

    Just let me know….

  4. I love hearing from you — praise for your daughter. The Lord is only good. :o)

    I totally understand about the spaghetti… Wes is the same way. He eats it and a few other things like that, but doesn’t care for them all that much. I love making things he likes and when he is not going to be home for a dinner meal, I make sure to use those times to make things the children like but that he wouldn’t really care for. Yum: Pancit!! I’ve had that!!

    Smart to send treats along with your husband. Sweet wife. :o)

  5. When I married my husband I thought that cooking pasta, browning (or really burning) hamburger, and throwing some spaghetti sauce in there was cooking a meal. When my husband told me he hated tomato based dishes I was crushed. Now 14 years later I hardly ever make him spaghetti (he says it is too cheap a meal to do without completely) and the goulash is a distant memory. He tells me that I am a fantastic cook and baker. He even takes my cinnamon rolls and pancit (a Filipino dish) to work so the other guys can enjoy them. I am a happy woman indeed!

    P.S. Thank you for praying for my daughter who went to visit her friend in Alabama. She came home last Tuesday to lots of hugs and kisses. A few tears too 😉

  6. Sounds incredible…
    I have someone who says Practice doesn’t make Perfect, Practice makes Permanant….so very true…
    Now you have me wanting to bake an apple pie…I may just surprise my hubby with one tonight!

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