Cookies… and more.

Of all the cookbooks I have — and I have many — surely, among my favourites are by Susan Branch — the different “Heart of the Home” cookbooks I began receiving as gifts after Kathryn was born in 1986.  They were then, and are now, among my treasured books — not only bcz I have enjoyed the recipes so much, but also bcz the books are simply lovely to read… you’ll see.

This afternoon, I received her email-newsletter — which I will save —  as I do each newsletter she sends.  They’re far too beautiful not to keep and far too useful to delete!  I think you’ll enjoy her site… her books, her ideas, her gifts and fabrics.  Browse her site HERE — that’s why I entitled this blog entry “Cookies and more.”  The *more* is her site.  Yes, I’m a fan.

Click any Cookie name in the picture and a cookie recipe will open or View HERE  to see the specific cookie you’re looking for. To see all the different recipes in this and any other category of food.  You’ll love any one of these cookie recipes — they’re always just perfect!!

Florentine Cookies Profiteroles Lemon Squares Jelly Filled Cookies Rice Pudding Chocolate Dipped Coconut Macaroons Christmas Nut Cookies Eggnog Cappuccino Chocolate Poached Pears Candied Orange Peel Almond Brittle Homemade Marshmallows Fudge Spiced Cider Annie Hall's Butter Cookies Snow Clouds Cookie Cutter Cookies Mary's Mother's Snowballs Croquembouche Bourbon Balls Christmas Wreaths Rum Truffles Creme Caramel Popcorn Balls Pots de Creme Sweet Potato Pie Hot Cocoa Snowflakes Roll Cookies Fairy Cones Grandma's Frosted Molasses Cookies Ginger Crisps

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