pamela’s cinnamon rolls

teacuppamelaAfter I made a Cinnamon Roll Wedding Cake this past weekend, several people have asked me for the recipe.  And so I thought the best way to do it was to try and concisely write it out here so that you could have it, refer to it and so on. 

Here you go… it’s less complicated than I think I’ve made it seem here… and for that, I’m sorry — I just wanted to attempt to include the different steps you’ll take for the prepping of these rolls.  I’d suggest getting everything together first (including the pans) and I’d suggest allowing yourself plenty of time if you don’t regularly make bread and rolls and such.  Bread’s a marvelous thing!  But it mustn’t be hurried along!  Bread’s a patient thing… you tend to it, you leave it alone, you tend to it, you leave it alone and so on.  I hop you enjoy making and serving them!   Our family and friends love these… though,  seriously, I rarely make them any more… and very rarely make, as my friend Beth calls them, the “full fat version” of my cinnamon rolls.  You know, they’re to die for ;o)

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