The Disney, Halloween and Barbie Phenomena & Indoctrination

teacuppamela.pngLike the unannounced, quiet entry and the subtle dominance of the abortion indu$try, so also, I believe was the gentle entrance and indoctrination of acceptance and embracing of magic. No, not that magic was new – by no means – especially when we consider God’s Word and His dealings with magicians, sorcerers and diviners throughout; but the universal acceptance and endorsement of magic introduced by Walt Disney is predominately accepted and permanently etched in history and in the daily lives of countless millions. Just consider one of the most common family vacation dreams or destinations… Disneyland or Disneyworld.
I was briefly scanning Doug Phillips’ blog and his comments on the role and influence of Walt Disney in and on our society. He said,

quotebegin.gifThe scope of his cultural legacy is truly massive, impacting everything from our nation’s vision of childhood, family life, and gender roles, to the meaning of a happy family vacation. But his legacy — both positive and negative — has largely gone unexamined by Christian theologians, cultural warriors, and filmmakers.”

I remember something like sixteen years ago our family had the great, or so I thought at the time, great privilege of going to Disneyland for two days as our boy had won a contest and subsequent trip to Disneyland for his family.   It was amazing.  (Our stay with our family was my most favourite part of the trip! I will never forget those days!).  Anyway, It was to our children, the trip of a lifetime… a dream come true.  Just like Magic!  In so many ways, it really was a delightful time and was matched only by the wonderful warmth, sunshine and family time we thoroughly enjoyed – it was actually quite surreal as the vacation time was so opposite our life and difficult financial circumstances at that time.

But there was another thing that happened during that trip to the “Happiest Place on Earth” — it was the inescapable, unparalleled feeling of oppression and darkness. The realization that magic isn’t cute – it’s deadly and it’s counter to or in opposition to God’s holy Sovereignty. It was that feeling that led to my personal decision to never go there again and to never promote “Disney stuff” in our home. I’m not afraid of it – I’m not a disneyphobe… I just won’t endorse it. There are gray areas, I suppose, to the actual outworkings of this decision, but overall, it’s the back magic, the “white magic” and the fairytales and all that goes with all of that could never/can never have a place in our home again. Though, quite honestly, subtle forms of magic and fairytales present themselves from time to time in our lives. I mean… I am sure I was born to be a princess… and, well, I am.

So, the decisions regarding Disney stuff came some years after our questioning and decision to have nothing to do with halloween. It’s not a cute day… it’s not ‘nothing.’ It’s not innocuous, it’s not innocent, and it’s not just a fun day to dress up. Dress up and play games tonight, if that’s the only motivation. But to ‘c-el-e-b-r-a-t-e halloween’ and ‘trick or treat’ is devilish foolishness. So what if people come to the door looking for free candy… you don’t have to take part in the day in any way… unless the Lord gives you some prompting to just talk to everyone that comes to your door and tell them some Good News … that way you won’t add to their decay… decay in their teeth or decay in their life. I just forget the day entirely – and make it a point to avoid shopping at stores in October. Especially thrift stores.

It’s interesting how things sort of come along in groups… sort of like getting understanding about a matter and it all spills over into other areas, activities or thoughts. Those things sort of all coincided with the decision to eliminate the cultural icon, Barbie, from our home, too. At first, she was so lovely… so fun to play with. I mean, I had Barbies, so they must’ve been okay… was my justification. But then I got to evaluating the doll… her dress(es), her appearance, her lifestyle and her face… her eyes… those alluring eyes… her immodest clothes… and I decided that her appearance, her lifestyle was actually counterfeit… it was counter to the lifestyle, character and qualities of biblical womanhood we were teaching in our home… so: out she went and all her stuff, too… her strapless gowns, her pink convertible and the promotion of her carefree lifestyle.

It was freeing to be able to replace all that stuff with things we wanted to teach and promote in our home… babydolls and items that promoted care and concern for babies, for motherhood and nurturing a family. It was delightful to promote what God was teaching me: respect for modesty, the role of women, wives and mothers, and to be able to communicate that to our daughter and then as each daughter came along, to teach them, as well.

In many ways, much of Disney, Barbie, halloween… and whatever other forces of darkness that are evident around us are all subtle indoctrinations of the enemy of God… the enemy of our souls.


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  1. First of all, I’m very thankful for you have decided to share your sentiments and your thoughts especially regarding Barbie. But the sad fact is, even in the most peaceful paradise here on Earth, there is something that is dark and gloomy and perhaps, the MOST PERFECT PARADISE that you can find in the future is where HE is and where HE will always be and you know what that means. I mean, yes, these toys are for little girls but to find them appearing like they can be bad influences for our daughters is truly frightening! That’s why, we also see to it that our daughter have constant communication with us. She’s now 12 years old and she still plays with her dolls but she’s not being influenced with those because she have us to guide her. I think you know what I’m trying to drive at.

  2. O- I agree! We are amazed at what we used to think ‘nothing of’ and what we now seek to avoid. There’s much pruning still that needs to be done or areas that need tending. But God is gracious and merciful to us all… patient with our dullness of hearing and our slow obedience at times. I am thankful for His mercy!

    Thank you for writing — God bless you —–pamela

  3. First of all, AMEN! I think too many Christians just don’t think about what they are doing. They go blindly through life and do things because another Christian they know does it and doesn’t think it’s wrong, or their pastor doesn’t think it’s wrong, etc. When you are walking with Christ, your eyes are opened to so much! Things that we used to enjoy now seem so wrong and we can’t believe we ever listened to certain music or watched certain shows. Thank God for clearer vision!

  4. I know that a biblical world view is not popular in the world, but I don’t write from an “of the world” perspective – I write from an “in the world but not of it” perspective. I know it’s not popular and I don’t write for the reason or hope of being popular. Besides… I never will be so the assumption is not present.

    But I do write what I do for personal, therapeutic reasons and also with the hope that some, one, a few, or many will be encouraged, edified and strengthened in their walk with the Lord or to the Lord. That things that are “common” might be examined in light of the Word. That things that are cultural or traditional might be held up to the light and evaluated for what they are or why they are.

    I know also that this has become, at times, a place for naysayers to air or share their views as well – probably therapeutic for them to be able to use phrases with the word: ilk. I always know it’s going to be rough when I read the word: ilk.

    I leave the comments up for many reasons. But probably the most significant reason is respect for people – for their ‘right’ to their opinion and leave it alone unless it’s obscene, written in a manner that would grossly offend other readers. But I also accept comments because I do read and do hear what’s being said and the Lord has used many of the personal letters to me and comments posted here over the years to sharpen me… to sharpen my view and to strengthen my grip and my resolve to stay the course – come what may. There’s much more to say on each of the topics I share… and no doubt I will.

    So, the comments, though not always encouraging, are always instructive to one degree or another.

    And, by the way… I don’t think Mickey Mouse is an agent of satan, as the id of first comment seems to imply – but, that’s a whole other matter. And I know I am not ‘more right’ than anyone else… actually, my write right is left.

    I am not seeking power – meaningful or otherwise… but you know, I am seeking to promote the power of God… and I just share slices of life on the journey.

    If my life might be a blessing… I’d be so thankful. If I can write to encourage or if I can write to prompt contemplation about a matter or even rethinking a matter… well, then, I’ll be glad. If, on the other hand, I can just entertain from time to time… well, okay.

    blessings and love, pamela

  5. Hi, I’ve been lurking for a while…just trying to find time to get to the archives but I have to comment here. Our paths in some ways have been very similar. Born in Africa, I grew up in LA, went back to Africa and married within six months, pausing just long enough to accept Jesus as my Lord and Saviour. Many rocky years followed and one of the very big contentions was the celebration of the holidays I grew up with! (My consumeristic tendencies didn’t help either). I have come to realize that the very things you write about here (what my husband has believed all these years) are insiduous fingers of the one who comes to kill, steal and destroy! You are the only voice I have found out here in Blogland who speaks out about this. There are Christian bloggers who list the Harry Potter series as one of their favourites! It takes great courage to do what you do. Thank you. Blessings, Cari

  6. P, you are such a joy to read! You make my mornings! I grew up with Disneyland in my back yard (so to speak). Living in Cali, we went there all the time. I don’t know why, but every time we would go visit my parents back in Cali, for some reason, I felt we always should go to Disneyland with our children. I think for us, the turning point (to boycott “The Land Where Dreams Come True”) came when we started discovering a connection between the amount of money we walked in there with, and the amount of $$$ we had spent (just to get in the door!). Last time we went, for only 4 of us, we spent OVER $500 in just 1/2 of a day!
    Then, to find out that Disney has decided that all people, both straight and gay, are now welcome to purchase the “Fairy Tale Wedding” package at Disneyland and on Disney cruise ships for a cool $8,000 to $50,000 (last years figures).
    One day, it was like I woke up and saw the light! I was shocked that I was pouring in so much $$$ year after year into Disney. There prices are outlandish…$1.75 PER APPLE in the carts on Maine St., and the prices skyrocket from there! I can by 3 POUNDS of apples for that price on the main street in my home town!
    When we were young, it was not as materialistic as I see it now. No longer is Disney the magical place where you go to enjoy a couple rides, share a lunch, and enjoy a couple Disney shows. Now, when you go, you are herded (like cattle, this is no joke~we have cattle all over here where we live) into various lines and routes, and the Disney trams whisk you away to the fairytale land where your $$$ magically disappears as soon as you get in the door. You’d better not carry any cash, because you probably will get robbed, so you have next months credit card statements to look forward to. That will be the moment when you think, “…exactly what did we get for that sum of $$$?”
    We had our sights changed, and now ask the children, “O.K. kiddies, do you want to go buy a couple of canoes that we can KEEP forever, or do you want to go spend 1/2 to 3/4 of the day at Disney? Or…do you want that Costco pool that you can enjoy ALL summer, EVERY summer…or do you want to go to Disney? It puts it all in perspective very fast! If people cannot see the Disney materialistic monster, and the materialistic driven people that feed it, they are blind!
    On a side note, we pray for Wes especially, for you, and your family. So thankful to hear that he is doing well. God is good! That marathon idea is not a bad one at all! Start slow, you 2 could even walk or run together…Anyways, we love you all, and PRAISE GOD for his blessings to you!
    Much Love,
    (P.S. Mickey Mouse needs to chill out and get a cuppa! Seems you woke up on the WRONG side of the bed!)

  7. I love being challenged to rethink my beliefs from other believers. I have been convicted about Halloween for a long time as well as Barbie. I never thought about Disneyland but as our society gets darker and darker and what is good is concidered evil and what is evil is considered good, we need to make all of our decisions based upon the wonderful light of Scripture and hold fast to the truth. Thank you for your wise words and I honor your convictions.


  8. Holy mackerel, Mickey! I don’t think Mrs. Spurling is entirely wrong here – especially concerning Barbie. In what culture but ours would girls be sold on the idea that a seven-foot tall woman who weighs 110 lbs and has size three feet is somehow a desirable beauty standard?

    Those would be her approximate dimensions if Barbie were made of flesh-n’-blood. Most girls don’t think about that, however, when they consider her outlandishly skewed waist-to-bust ratio.

    Barbie’s rather extensive line of accessories, most of which would put the average family in the poor house if a woman were to buy their real-life equivalents, are but training tokens for girls being raised primarily as consumers.

    If you think about it, Barbie – and especially old school Barbie – is the sort of toy that both feminists and anti-feminists can decry with equal fervor. Training up a class of citizens whose primary function is to consume stuff – that’s not exactly preparing girls for useful womanhood, no matter how one chooses to define it.

  9. So now I see. You and your ilk are just plain looney toons.
    You know why YOUR brand of Christianity is laughed at and disrespected? Because it’s wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Wrong and crazy.
    I won’t respect your close-minded, hateful and ignorant worldview. You don’t know that you’re right anymore than anyone else. No matter what you say. No matter what you twist the bible to say. You are wrong, your leaders are wrong, your interpretation of the bible is wrong.
    I would fear the consequenses of this utter wrongness but there are so few of you who are so wrong that you’ll never have any meangingful power (PRAISE JESUS). You know why there are so few of you? BECAUSE YOU’RE ALL WRONG! Oh and BTW? You’re wrong.

    Ah that felt good.

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