In the life of a blog…

It seems that at some point in the life of every blog there’s a post about blogs in general, about bloggers and why they blog or, specifically, a post about that blog and its purpose.

I don’t know why we do it, but every now and then we do it – we feel the need to amplify our purpose or we feel compelled to justify or defend our writing.

I love words. I love writing. I write all the time.  I occasionally post a few of the things I’ve written.  I have journals full of notes.  I have folders full of messages.  I have a bunch of books in my head that will never be published.  More often than not, I don’t write about the stuff that’s really going on — because too many things include — I mean, most things include — other people. Duh.

If I’ve learned nothing else in the last eighteen months or so it is this:  other people’s lives are other people’s lives.  My interaction, my involvement, my thoughts or reactions or actions or feelings must stringently take into account: other people.   This seems pretty elementary, pretty obvious and pretty shallow at first blush.  But, I assure you: it is not.

We go along thinking things are one way or some way and we find out later that they’re not as we assumed at all.  This is where the “other people” part comes into play.  This is where the experience of other people, the thoughts of other people, the impressions of other people, the reactions of other people completely change whatever it is you thought or felt about a situation.  You hear about, read about what someone else said, thought or felt about a situation or thought or felt about you and suddenly a new reality dawns on you.   Sometimes that new reality is sweet and refreshing and feels good.  Other times it’s not.

And you can never write about it.  Even though you desperately want to.

I say this (this being an entry on blogs, blogging &  bloggers – writers in general) because, face it, those of us who have an insatiable need desire to write usually have a bunch of thoughts on pretty much anything and everything.  Most bloggers have so much to talk about.  And occasionally talk too much.  I probably could’ve or should’ve simply left out the ‘occasionally’ in that last sentence.

But we often don’t talk about stuff, we don’t write about stuff that we’d really like to talk about or write about because lots of things involve other people and it’s more important to guard their hearts (or identity), preserve their reputation or feelings than it is to share our own commentary on the matter.  Most of us have to learn to draw a line regarding public and private information — that, and in some situations, our opinion is not all that important.   Some people have a harder time discerning between the two and too often walk too close to the line.  Or over it.  Problem is, it’s really very hard to know where that line is sometimes.

Foodies have weight problems sometimes.  Wordies make weighty problems sometimes.

In trying to be careful what I share about personal matters, family, sensitive issues and experiences,  I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s been both a blessing and a curse to be the kind of woman who shares stories, draws word pictures, communicates in analogies, etc., etc.  But I’d seriously rather run the risk of being authentically candid and transparent than to be so vague or guarded that my life or writing is misconstrued or deceptive.  There’s so much to say, encouragement to give from lessons learned, praises to share from blessings received.

So… I blog. And this has been one of those confessions-of-a-blogger posts.  Sort of .   I try to be relevant so that your time’s not wasted, I try to be helpful so your time’s well spent.  I confess, though, I must occasionally skirt issues, dance around the pink elephant in the room or try desperately to convey a thought without divulging a confidence.  And I hope I get it right.  I hope more often than not that I communicate effectively.  When in doubt, I don’t write.  Or I delete.  The empty gaps on the blog calendar are not empty gaps in my life.  I write much more than you read.

But when you read The Welcome Home blog I guess I’d like you to know that I hope you feel like I’m just talking stuff over with you here in my kitchen.  In the end I hope this blog’s an encouragement to you – I hope my getting through stuff helps you get through stuff – I hope my hardships become your strengths and I hope my discoveries  add to your life.  More, I hope that you know you have a friend who is praying for you, prays you’ll be inspired to live for Jesus, wants the best for you and really is glad you’ve come by.  God bless you, and thanks for reading.



4 thoughts on “In the life of a blog…

  1. I sure appreciate these kind words and the encouragement they bring me. I am attempting to set a better schedule — and as you have read, you can see a bit more of why I haven’t been blogging as I used to do in years past. But I still write – as I shared, I write things every day and would like to blog as well – so, in an attempt to be wise, handle life carefully and use time prudently, I’m setting about an orderly manner of blogging.

    You all know I’d blog every day if I could – there’s so much to share – life, daily gleanings from quiet time and Bible verses, devotionals, prayers and so many interesting things to talk over from observing day to day living. But then, you know I’d sink this ship — and I can’t and don’t want to do that. You know where being too distracted got me.

    So… Lord willing, a few times a week you’ll see something here and I hope & pray it will be an encouragement and blessing to you. I pray for inspiration from the Lord and I pray for you — God bless you, friends, and thanks for your kindness.

    With love, —pamela

  2. I just love you to pieces!! I missed reading your blog lately…we’ve been moving to a MUCH MUCH more modest house and trying to do what God is asking us to do in adopting a little one from Africa! (Dearest Pamela…this is VERY much your influence on me and subsequently on my husband and family if God does give us a little one to love! It was though YOUR website that I first started hearing God’s voice to do this!! I will let you know when and if this happens!!We have filled out applications and have done our homestudy!!) Anyway, we have been going without internet access and I haven’t been able to read your blog! WOW have I missed you!! Take care…Blessings, Beth

  3. Pamela,
    I know exactly what you mean! I don’t blog, but I do live my life in the public eye in our community. I shared on a comment on one of your posts a while back that I, too, went through one of those “things aren’t what I thought they were” situations and I thought my whole world had come to an end. If not for the grace of God I would not have survived the pain on my own, but like you, I can’t talk about it. When women approach me who are going though similar situations I want so badly to share where I’ve walked so they know they aren’t alone, but out of respect and love for all involved, I say nothing about my own experiences and just let them know that I’m praying for them and try to give them any advice I can without saying too much. I can only hope they can feel my empathy for them. I’m praying for you, dear friend. I love reading your posts, and you aren’t obligated to your readers to share any more than you feel led to. And your posts have been such a blessing to me–even though our situations are different, I’m sure, I do feel that we are at the same place in our journey. After the trauma, after the pain, after the recovery, and finding a new “normal” we’ve finally come to a place where we feel like we can breathe again and we owe it all to our Beautiful Savior. I was just telling my husband the other day what a blessing your blog has been to me in recent months and I told him I wondered if you even realized just how much your posts had helped me along in our own situation. I would like you to know that-your blog has been an immense blessing to me. Blessings to you, Pamela! Keep on blogging–you’re helping more people than you realize, even if you can’t share everything you’d like to share.

  4. I have found blogs to fall into categories. There are blogs that flat out deceive you. There are blogs that stir up trouble, usually trying to be “cool & hip” or modern. There are blogs that string readers along. There are blogs that encourage others. I am slowly dropping all but the last kind of blog. I give people second and third chances but eventually you can see what a person is up to. In another comment I left for you I said something to the fact that I feel like a jilted lover that keeps coming back to you. I said it jokingly but have found it to be true for other blogs. I don’t expect a lot from people; just to be honest, encourage me as I would encourage you, and to not think I, the reader, am a fool. Sadly I find that I am down to reading a handful of blogs. Eventually I will be down to only one or two, if that. Granted, if I spent as much time in the WORD as I did on reading other people’s thoughts then I would be better off 😉

    Ouida Gabriel

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