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teacuppamelaI’ve recently been on a new journey to *health!*  And, you know what the hardest part has been?  Deciding to take the first step WITH the intent to take each next step on the same journey.  So, if you’re not feeling well, if weight-gain or extra weight has plagued you—–and more importantly, if you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, maybe a new plan is in order for you, too.  It was/is for me and so I’ve begun this journey to health and healthy weight.  It’s incredibly easy…

So why am I including the following song?  Bcz food’s a sentimental thing for me.  Food’s my deal.  Food’s a draw to me… and a trap, too.  Food’s a comfort and a cage———-so I’m seeking to be free with food.  Free to make it, free to eat it and free to enjoy it.  But the greatest freedom I’m seeking is to have food be what it is: food.  Fuel.  Delicious fuel.  Delicious balanced, nutritious, sensible fuel.  And, for me, the book and method and lifestyle that is Trim Healthy Mama has been an incredible blessing.

So… my sentimental journey is learning how to remake favourite foods — redesign or adjust them to be healthful.  And if they can never be made to be healthful, then I want to have the grace to just leave off with thinking of them or thinking I’m somehow missing out on good things.  As I frequently say, good things are often the enemy of best things.  And for a Foodie… this is a huge step.  I’ll be posting about this from time to time……. Here’s to healthy living.  I know, right?!?!?!
Did she just say that?!??!

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