a slice of an october day

blueheartmughalf.jpgI thought about writing one more post about flies. And then I decided, nah, the first was enough and two was too many. However, day three of my fly-capturing adventure went very well. I think our team won with an arsenal of fly-paper strips hanging in every room and the ever present shop vac: thwp, thewp, thwp. It looks like there are very few flies on the loose. But I wasn’t going to write about flies.

But then, I didn’t want to write about school shootings -though the matter is grievous and the families need to be remembered. I didn’t want to spend effort talking about corrupt political campaigns, philandering politicians and other dirty politics, or even about a Nobel prize winner for his advancement of the ‘big-bang’ theory of the origin of the universe. And then, on the other hand, there are so many blogs and great websites to read that there’s no time to write… and on and on it goes.

I’ve been working on personal projects and so time at the keyboard is very selective and limited. It’s the way some seasons go, I suppose. Family things, home life… online business things have taken precedence over all else (and that’s really as it should be). There are still buckets and buckets of hazelnuts to gather –and soon, walnuts, too! Apples need to become applesauce in quart jars… and raspberries that reached the freezer but not the jelly jars need to do so right away! So, there are lots of good things to do and many hours need to be found to do them! ~smile~ And then there’s schoolwork… and Bible memory work..

Time here at the computer has largely been dedicated to mails and prayer for women who seek and pray for the LORD’s blessing of conception and birth. There are so many needs… so many cries of hearts longing for God’s healing touch and His blessing –not only for pregnancy, but many other things. The moment grief or self pity crops up in my thoughts, I need only read a mail from a hurting sister and my small, inconsequential concerns pale in comparison. The LORD is good and full of mercy and His faithfulness never fails.

I’ve spent time reading up on PCOS and the latest treatments and suggestions for addressing symptoms of PCOS. I do this, not so much for my curiosity anymore, but for Kathryn’s health and wellbeing and for adding information to that website page we have for women with pcos. It’s interesting to me that she’s not needing more answers or clamouring for help, but I know there are so many facets that need addressing and she’s not necessarily as concerned as I am to get to the answers this instant. But I think we, as mothers, do that… I think we look at a situation and want to get it all taken care of right away –learn all we can, do all we can –help all we can so that the children will live out their lives in the best-case scenario instead of worse-case scenario. She’s studied, read and researched and now moves on. I keep looking and looking… there are few new revelations –few unique answers. Sites seem to duplicate and share parallel information if not identical diagnosis and treatment. So, Kathryn continues a regimen of medications – Metformin and Spironolactone and a low-glycemic index diet –these have very slow results thus far. I am so amazed at her continued zest for life and how the side-effects of the medications (and pcos itself) do not diminish her daily enjoyment of her life and work. I’m supposing that it’s likely helping her to press on as God enables her to do so. We’re concerned for the leveling or regulation of her health as she continues to make arrangements to leave for the orphanage in Uganda the first of February. Much is needed to be done before that trip… and I’ll write about all that very soon. For now, it’s continually amazing how the LORD truly is providing for her every need. More on all of this later.



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