THM… so much hope

teacuppamelaAs I press on, on the THM (Trim Healthy Mama) journey, I have so much hope.   I have so much hope bcz I’m so not alone and I’m so not seeing this as a diet but a different way of approaching health and nutrition.  I say this bcz I’ve experienced so many diets in the past.  And the difference, for me, with Trim Healthy Mama (after this, THM), is that it’s not a limited time diet.  By this I mean, it’s not the lemonade-type diet or the military-type diet or the mama with a wayward child/depression diet or the zone-type diet or name another type of diet that’s generally undertaken for a limited period of time and eventually the old way of eating returns.  And so do the pounds.

Now, why did I say I’m so not alone in this?  Easy… thousands of other women are implementing the THM plan in their own lives and homes and numerous websites, Facebook groups and Pinterest pins are dedicated to THM.   Women all over are sharing their successes, before and after’s, struggles, plans, recipes, suggestions and enthusiastic encouragement with relative strangers–but not strangers really,  who’re traveling the same journey.  Shared experiences give hope… shared understanding gives hope… all this gives women the motivation to press on.  All this, and more,  keeps me pressing on.

I’d hazard to guess that for a lot of women who seriously undertake the THM plan, there comes some sort of a day of reckoning, a day or time where they recognize that food and excess weight and out of control eating is symptomatic of deeper issues—things the Lord intends bring to the light and to help deal with—and what originally interested them in doing a new thing to lose weight, a different diet or whatever is not what keeps them on plan.  What keeps them (and now, me) on plan is the daily journey to health and yielding to the Lord the area of food and its stronghold–or previous stronghold.

I’m finding incredible freedom in not eating everything I want — freedom in recognizing that food had a stronghold on me and day by day I’m seeing this stronghold’s grip diminishing.   The Lord’s addressing some areas that don’t seem to have anything to do with food–but yet food’s been the outward stronghold.  See, here’s an example… I so often don’t didn’t want to “diet” bcz I love, love, love café mochas.  Love em.  Drink drank ’em every morning.  Yes, plural.  Yes, every morning. Hot milk, two pumps of chocolate and a long shot of coffee.  Drink, rinse, repeat.  Didn’t want to give ’em up—–couldn’t give ’em up—-wouldn’t give ’em up.  But I began to recognize that my delights were harming me–too much sugar was causing  problems and I knew I needed to make some changes.  I was loving the sugar but it wasn’t loving me back.  And isn’t that how sin is?  We give in and it mockingly smacks us on the backside.

Looking back, I really think I thought I’d make some changes and get on track and then be able to go back to the same ol’ same ol’ ways (especially since I’ve done this soooo many times).  That was foolishness–and I know it.  I really know it now.  Greater than all that, I now also know that the Lord was putting His finger on some deeper matters, using all of this to help me be willing to deal with other non-food related issues.  It is His mercy and lovingkindness to bring us to these places of correction and brokenness in our walk with Him.  It is for freedom He set us free.  I’d lost sight of that somewhere along the way.

Interestingly, what eventually brought me to THM began with that search for health remedies.  Still struggling with some ongoing health issues, still searching for solutions, I began to see frequent connections with the Trim Healthy Mama book.  Some of my Google searches  for low/no sugar or low glycemic index recipes took me to a few blogs/sites I thoroughly enjoy today — I didn’t initially see the THM connection!  Sadly, over the last year because of family busyness and other things, I hadn’t been tracking along with the Above Rubies site nor the progress of the writing of the THM book—though I’d seen copies of it here and there, recently.  Additionally, I regret I hadn’t been  in close touch with local friends who where already working the THM plan, else I might’ve had some questions answered earlier and I might’ve had some health issues addressed earlier, too.  But I have to continually affirm: I’m pressing on; no worries, I’m simply glad for the opportunity to have this book in hand now and I’m pressing on (with thousands of other women! ~smile~). I have so much hope… and I’m pressing on.

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