30 Favourite Things #5

teacuppamela.pngSo it happened.  A letter came in the mail today.  From the AARP.  No, it was not addressed to: Resident.  It was addressed to me. My name – not Mrs. not Ms.  Just my name.  I know.   I still occasionally think that I will receive a letter addressed to: Miss.  I even dream think there’s still a possibility of being “carded” at the checkstand buying cooking wine. O, stop laughing.  Stranger things have happened.

I  think it must be part of that princess deal.  I don’t know.

So, why is receiving that ARRP subscription on my 30 Favourite Things list?  Well, first, I never thought I’d be this age.  Seriously.  I never thought I’d live this long.  And to think my husband’s grandma lived nearly twice this long!   Another thing, I think, is that I never thought I’d be privileged to see this much history or have this many experiences – most certainly not this much family.  And so, now that I am the age that I am, I marvel that I got here and I’m practically boasting about it now.  Almost obnoxious.  Almost.

Well, in case you’re wondering what you get with your AARP membership, I will let you in on what was outlined in today’s AARP letter.   The letter informed me that AARP is “fighting for your [that would be *my*] American Dream.”  That I would receive the magazine — “Most interesting and most helpful for everyone over 50.”  The AAPR Bulletin and “email newsletters reporting on money, work, travel, family, health and more.”  Discounts on travel and other services.  Access to health related benefits.  Access to financial programs… “…mobile home and motorcycle insurance.”  (I couldn’t make that up.  Motorcycle insurance.  Hmmmm.)  Community programs and services.

And to think I had to wait 50 years for all this.   I’m thinking: had I known that 50 would bring all this, I might have been more inclined to want to get here faster.  As it was, though, I certainly feel like I got here pretty fast.  Well, actually, a lot faster than I had ever imagined.

Well, no time for blogging.  I gotta go fill out my AARP form – to get my new Membership Kit.  I mean, if I’m going to be 50, then I’m thinking I’m going to want to be a card carrying member.  You know… ‘case I get carded.


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  1. Well… I know I wouldn’t be carded anywhere — well, except last year when I was buying a lighter for bbq-ing I was asked for my ID. I told the young many that I considered hugging him and he just shrugged and looked sort of glazed over. I’m sure he thought: what? a gramma wants to give me a hug for asking for her ID? Turns out they’re required to do that – regardless.

    I may go there and buy a lighter in a couple of weeks ;o)

  2. I worked at Wal Mart years ago. I carded a lady that was just about 50. She couldn’t believe it and I couldn’t believe that she was as old as her license stated. I was embarrassed, she elated! I told her if I looked so good at almost 50 then I look forward too it. She didn’t look pulled and tucked everywhere, perhaps just blessed with good genes!

  3. Pamela,

    You are so funny!!! I love it!!!! I’ve been thinking that you have been needing motorcycle insurance for quite some time now…
    Thanks for the giggles and the out loud chuckles…
    I love you!

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