A fresh clean start… and a GIVE AWAY!

teacupFrom The Welcome Home… A Fresh Clean Start to the New Year!

You’ll love this giveaway!

I’d like to introduce you to my dear friend Emily.  In the beautiful Pacific Northwest, she and her family run The Simple Soap — a company that allows them to work together creating the most luxurious soaps.  Made from the finest organic ingredients, various herbs and essential oil fragrances are combined with natural palm (sourced from Rainforest Alliance certified farms in Columbia), coconut and olive oils to give you a delightful bathing experience.  I think you’ll find that The Simple Soap will be your favourite soap!

For the next week I’ll be watching for comments here and on Facebook and will select a recipient.  Once selected, I’ll send you a note and you can reply privately with your address so that I can mail your gift — an assortment of three soaps from The Simple Soap — a gift that will add some incentive to your desire for a fresh clean start to the New Year!  Once you experience The Simple Soap, you’ll want to browse the variety they offer.

Here’s what you need to do: Share one way you hope to make the New Year a better year in your life — maybe the Lord has been nudging your heart about a matter…  maybe one thing you’d like to implement, a habit you’d like to kick or a habit you’d like to form.  What’s something you really want to commit to doing in the coming year?  Write and tell us about it.  Your entry may be the one that receives the gift of three soaps from The Simple Soap!

What might you be looking ahead to doing or not doing in the coming year? You know, it’s a wonderfully freeing thing to be done with _____________ and to rest in the finished work of the Cross and walk by faith that the Lord is gracious, full of mercy and is Lord of all.

A thankful year?  A joyful year?  A gracious year?  A kind-hearted year?  A loyal year?  A forgiving year?  An all-done-envying year? A cheerful-heart year?  A grace-based-faith year?  A resting-in-hope year?  A finally lose that weight year?  A trust in God year?  A read-the-Word every-day year?   You probably already know what you need to do… but maybe you fear deciding to say you’ll do it for fear of failing. Deciding to do something is worth considering… for consider this:  Not deciding is still a decision.  Press on.  It’s worth it to press on in faith.   And if there’s something you really need to do, go before the Lord… seek His Face and grace to do what you feel you cannot do.  I have seen Him do in my life things I could never have done had He not enabled me to do them.  I have seen His great love, His forgiveness, His restoration, His provision and guidance.  He can wash you clean and restore the years the locusts have eaten.  He can do this… for you.

And, remember The Simple Soap…  I’d like to send a little box on its way.

4 thoughts on “A fresh clean start… and a GIVE AWAY!

  1. Sara, I sure understand your thoughts on health! I was running into a few health problems and got to the point where I had to recognize I was the only one who could make the necessary changes—wishing or medicating or even just knowing changes needed to be made was not enough. I resisted because I thought I could never change a few dietary preferences.

    I kept googling different health resolves and low sugar recipes and kept coming up with Trim Healthy Mama links. I *did NOT* want to get that book or do yet another diet plan. Yet, day after day of searching for healthy options, I continued to see THM related links. So in a hasty moment, I bought the book. It was hard to read — choppy — seemingly disorganized, etc., etc., but I pressed on and followed what I could to the best of my ability. Eventually, I put it away bcz of so many family needs, schedules, etc., but I kept *loosely* to the plan. Over the course of 6 months I lost 35 pounds. I have loosely maintained the program not gaining any weight (but not losing anymore, either). Life is sort of starting to balance out and I am reading the book again recently… I see where I was too critical of the way it was written and have decided to read it as a letter from two friends. It’s much, much easier to read and understand if read from this perspective.

    I suggest the THM plan…………. health really can improve even if you’re older — even if you’re a teen — even if you’re a mama of few or many. Healthy weight is really worth fighting for. I still have battles with arthritis, but not so much pain. I still have vein issues but not so much pain and no more kidney stone issues at all. Seriously, this is remarkable.

    Thank you for writing and I pray as I type this that you will locate just the right solution for you and that the LORD will guide you to improved health and strength. God bless you. —–pamela

  2. Send your gift to Sara 🙂 I just wanted to stop by and give you a virtual hug. I hope your hubby is doing well, too. Hope to see you in April and introduce you to Poppy, our second daughter born with Down syndrome. Also, Tom bought for us http://bestyearever.me/register/ and although I was skeptical (to say the least), it has been REALLY good and I highly recommend it to anyone serious about meeting their goals. Big love xoxo

  3. Send your sweet soap gift to Sara 🙂 I just wanted to say hello and give you a big hug. I hope your hubby is doing much better and I hope to see you in April and introduce you to our second daughter born with Down Syndrome, Poppy. ALSO wanted to comment that my husband bought Michael Hyatt’s http://bestyearever.me/register/ and though I was skeptical (to say the least), it has been REALLY GOOD and I recommend it to anyone having goals they really want to meet this year. Big love xoxo

  4. I really want to focus on my health! I’ve recently discovered that I have high blood pressure and would love to control it on my own through diet instead of taking medication for it. (:

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