The Increeping Vulgarity

This post is sort of a signs of the times observation and a mulling over the consequences of one of the dramatic changes our society is undergoing. The increeping vulgarity of society hasn’t happened all at once — it’s happened slowly, incrementally, over time.  Increeping vulgarity, along with its visible companions, lewd behaviour and crude speech have slowly encroached on society, and are slowly being normalized in our culture.  Vulgarity has begun to be so acceptable, so commonplace — even expected on many levels.   Vulgarity thrives on a one way street ardently demanding its voice as an entitlement.

On any level, I’m stunned by the commonplace presence, acceptance, or promotion of vulgar speech, vulgar dress, vulgar behaviour, vulgar attitudes permeating every area of life.   Though it shouldn’t be surprising, it is.   It so is.

The other day I heard someone’s reply to a rebuttal of some current activities and I thought, wow, vulgar’s become a right. Nasty’s become a boast, an acceptable manner of behaviour — overlooked even by women who would have, in earlier years,  stood against or disavowed such behaviour.  And now?  Well, now it’s normal.  Get over it. 

The reply?  It was this:  Is it hurting you? Were I to have been there, in that dialogue, I’d have emphatically answered, Yes! Yes it’s hurting me—it’s hurting women—it’s hurting little girls—it’s hurting society!  And, it’s hurting men.   Nasty always hurts society.

When women behave, speak, dress, act, or converse in vulgar ways, it hurts everyone.  When women behave in ways contrary to their design, everyone’s hurt in the end.  Stepping where I fear to tread, I’ll keep going.   I’d say very similar things to men if that was my “platform” or the focus of the long conversation of this blog.  It’s not.

When women deviate from design, it’s no wonder the creeps creep in.  And the creeps of vulgarity, lewdness, and crudeness have not only crept in, but have swept in like a tidal wave washing over society in what is, I would guess, on many levels unlike any time in history.   Immeasurably (intentionally or unintentionally) aided by technology,  media–news, communication, videos, print; social media– medical technology, drugs, abortion, birth-control, manipulation of science and design, and a society that generally eschews God’s design–has mishandled, doesn’t know, never heard, or disregards His Word, the increeping has permeated the whole world to one degree or another to the inestimable detriment of society across the whole world.

Society is paying the painful, awful price of neglecting God’s Word, His design, His eternal purpose.  And the pain has but just begun.  The unintended consequences have begun to unfold.  Sadly, unseen by untold billions — yes, billions.

I watched some clips of recent “women’s marches” and interviews of women who expressed views, reasons, arguments for participating.  Sick and sad is what I felt at the time — and do still.  Women marching off a cliff.  I’ve wondered to myself, maybe if I didn’t know that Christian women were among the ‘marchers’ I’d not feel quite as disheartened.  Nope, I’d still feel it.  For sure.  But knowing that among the protesters were Christian women and, sadder still, the daughters they’d brought with them to experience these historical events.  Women’s power, women’s rights, women’s equality, women’s confusion, women’s displays of vulgar, crude, lewd & loud speech, lewd dress, and vaunting vulgar behaviour.   And the permeation of a new level of vulgar escalated all around the world… little girls and women are being loudly instructed all around the world.  At the bottom of the cliff, in the abyss, so many lies, so much confusion, jamming information — the fallout is, or soon will be, staggering.

In some of the recent loud flaunts, was it one man’s fault they behaved the way they did? Was it just one man’s behaviour that triggered their vulgar printed messages, addressing themselves by names they’d never have allowed another to call them, donning hats in reference to what offended them, the flaunting of once sacred, private anatomy of women and displaying what were once discreet feminine products?  Or has the moral decline been festering so long that it was just a matter time before moral discretion would be abandoned and an avalanche of unparalleled lewdness be ushered in?  Does one man’s behaviour validate an equal or greater vulgar response?  And what did all this teach the daughters?

It’s past time to respond to this… it’s time to stand for the Truth.   *These are the perilous days we’ve been told would come.  *2Timothy 3.1-17
These are the consequences of a nation forgetting God.  May the Lord be merciful to direct our steps and guard our hearts and minds.   In other historical eras, dark days preceded great revivals.  I pray this will be God’s great grace and a glorious unintended consequence of  the increeping vulgarity.


2 thoughts on “The Increeping Vulgarity

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  2. Women marching off a cliff – I never thought of it that way but it is a perfect description. If only they knew that is what they are doing.

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