You can’t afford to not pay attention.

I know. The last entry I wrote was 7 months ago. Hounded by voices that tell me I’ve lost mine, by regrets that prevent me moving forward, and various time/emotional demands that drain creativity, I come to my blog and draw a blank — or am shot with one.

But… again, here I am. I love to write. I love this platform. I love the connections it’s given me through the years. And I love that the Lord has given me a whole bunch more time and has absolutely dumped His great mercy and grace over me every day of these last emotionally crippling ten years (and all the years before these).

So, here we go.  I thought I’d just jump into blogging by just writing about things that come up each day and we’ll see how it goes.  This might end up being what the blog originally was fifteen or sixteen years ago… Slices of Life and Views of the Day. That could be anything from verses to sermons, recipes to homemaking, politics to societal trends, marriage and family to motherhood and what it looks like in the rear view mirror. ~smile~

Here’s a slice of today for you:
Chic-fil-A. I had my first Chic-fil-A sandwich in Marietta Georgia in 2006.  It was good. But you know why it was good? I was eating it with my dear friend. Lunch with dear friend makes just about any meal good — any cup of coffee better.  The other thing that made that Chic-fil-A sandwich good was the wholesome atmosphere and the fact that the company was a Christian company. You know, like A Christian Home. ~wink~

Truett Cathy, the company’s founder was still alive. Business was running on Christian principles, morals and character. It was well respected for all of that. Business boomed for the Cathy family because of that.
Tenacity and hard work built the business into a multi billion dollar company.

Chic-fil-A restaurant’s foundation is this:

“To glorify God by being a faithful steward of all that is entrusted to us.
To have a positive influence on all who come in contact with Chick-fil-A.”

With a mission statement like that, how could they go wrong?

So, what’s happening?  Well, just as in a Christian family, it only takes a generation or two (who drop/discard the mantle) for the heritage to be forgotten and the firm foundation that heritage was built upon to be eroded.  It appears that’s the way of Chic-fil-A and its once principled Christian business structure.  Chic-fil-A, once the bastion of morality is caving to the vociferous left’s social intolerance for all things Christian and appears to be stepping up its effort to appease the offended left by coming alongside with financial support to causes and organizations that are morally compromised or in opposition to the very founding of Chic-fil-A.  Sadly, the casualties are not few, nor are they small.  Consider but a couple of organizations Chic-fil-A has discontinued financially supporting:  The Fellowship of Christian Athletes and, ready? The Salvation Army! The. Salvation. Army!!  You  can read about all this in this PJ Media article.

I’m going to guess that this won’t end well for Chic-fil-A.  O, they’ll continue to serve the uninformed masses, and they’ll continue to upset liberals who don’t know they’re actually caving.  Pitifully, they won’t be traveling the moral high ground on the foundation of feeding the hungry, proclaiming the Gospel and won’t be a beacon of genuine  integrity.

On the US Dollar is imprinted the words: In God We Trust.  Have you considered that when you spend a dollar?  Sadly, it seems that rarely do corporate Directors and Chairmen have the moral compass required to stand on those words and uphold them.

So… pay attention, you can’t afford not to.  ♥ ps

One thought on “You can’t afford to not pay attention.

  1. I don’t like to pay attention as it gets too depressing but we must do so. Our call as Christians is to share the Gospel with families, neighbors, and even the cashier at the store. Of course, we have to live it before we can share it. That is where I have problems and is something I pray will change as time goes by.

    Blessings to you, Pamela, and your family!

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