Fifty shades of moral depravity


I haven’t read the book.  I won’t watch the movie. I saw the trailer for the movie Fifty Shades of Grey Evil in the theater.  Prior to another film I saw in the theater last fall, I heard the trailer as it played and teased the audience with despicable allure.  One needn’t have grown up with a sex-addict psychopath to know when someone/something is evil.  Nor, dare I say, does one need to be “spiritual” to recognize the evil of immorality — sexual abuse or abusive behaviour.  The law of God is written in our hearts. We know from the Word that God has given us this gift for our good–for our protection.  But when we deny Him, walk in our own ways, neglect the truth or buy into sin, we can be so easily lured into believing lies and become trapped by the devil’s clever snares.

So it is when a sensational movie comes along.  And maybe the worst lure of all for someone who’s firmly decided to not see the film or read the book is fear of rejection or fear of not being cool.  Ever been confronted with that: don’t-be-sucha-prude lure? Sure you have. I have, too.  O, so you’re too good for that?  O, so you’re afraid you’ll like it?  O, so you’re happy with your same ol’ – same ol’ sex? Don’t you want to spice things up a bit?  O, you can’t handle it?  You know what I mean.  And then, there’s the judgement bomb:  How can you self-righteously judge a movie or a book you haven’t seen?

I can’t take seriously and/or don’t care about any of that vitriol. We don’t have to experience wickedness to know it’s wicked.  We don’t have to view evil to know it’s evil.  Again, God’s law written on our hearts—and if we know Him, His Spirit bears witness with our spirit.  We can know — with assurance — things that are wrong – evil – immoral – vulgar – whatever, without seeing or experiencing them.  It’s amazing how much controversy is being raised over this movie — shocking that it’s being defended.   More than Harry what’s-his-name.   Although, ironically, I see danger watching sorcery, et al.

Isn’t it interesting that society in general seems to have allowed so much room for women’s liberation; giant leaps in “equality” and yet — and yet — here comes along a movie filled with such abuse, degradation, humiliation, torture and control — the very things from which women are fighting to be freed.  Homes and families are being shredded all over the world by such behaviours as are depicted in the film (and books, etc.).  Women all over the world are being sexually used and abused, tortured and controlled by ruthless sexual psychopaths and staggeringly lucrative multi-billion dollar sex/porn industry with all its facets.  Magazines, print ads, window displays are not far behind.  And now… Fifty shades of what? Entertainment?  For Valentines Day — Really!?!?  Is it for audience shock and awe?  Is this art?  Why was this film made?  And what’s next?

These questions and more flood my mind as I see the headlines in the news and on Facebook.  I grieve the loss of innocence… I grieve what our daughters and granddaughters face… I grieve what our sons and grandsons face: society’s free-fall into the abyss of evil.  I also grieve for the young minds that will be filled with unforgettable scenes… I grieve the messages that will be given to so many who are desperate for love, attention and acceptance — how I pray they don’t get lured into believing that true love is fifty shades of grey.

Lord help us all.


5 thoughts on “Fifty shades of moral depravity

  1. Thank you for your comments. Totally get the watching of some inane reruns than to defile the mind.
    But then I’d once again be stuck with the over-thinking: if they had all that stuff, creativity, brainpower… on the island, why in the world couldn’t they/didn’t they leave….

  2. Rather watch my Gilligan’s Island DVDs another 100 million times then defile my mind with such vulgar, decadent, destructive, dumb, wicked junk like 50 shades of crud; and, no, I didn’t read it either, but, it is as you say: you don’t have to experience evil to know it is evil. Just like you don’t have to take poison to know it will make you sick or kill you.

  3. A fantastic and concise commentary on what I have been feeling about this…I am so shocked by the “Christians” defending this movie…It is too shocking for words and I completely agree with you!

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