The HomeSchool Community Remembers Christopher Klicka

The following, a tribute to Christopher Klicka,  April 2, 1961 – October 12, 2009.  The first of three parts at the Home School Legal Defense Association site:

A Tribute  – Part One

part 2

part 3

One thought on “The HomeSchool Community Remembers Christopher Klicka

  1. Pamela,
    I had the honor of knowing Chris personally. He was and is a great man who’s total reliance on God was constant…His testimony was unbelievable. He spoke with everyone he came in contact with about the Lord and all the Lord had done for him and what the Lord could do for that person. He was constantly encouraging those around him..I saw Chris in January and I remember knowing that this would probably be that last time I would see him and it was with great sadness that this thought occurred. He leaves behind his wife Tracey who loves the Lord with all her heart and seven lovely children. My prayers are for those ..his family who will miss him.

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