Two Killers – Two Tragedies.

teacuppamela.pngA career is ended.  During that infamous career, tens of thousands of innocent people were killed.

A tragedy to be sure.  I think of this all day today; what a shame — what a tragic end.  A man responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of innocent children.  I consider these things all day.  I decided to refrain from reading editorials about the man… the man who was shot while attending & ushering at ‘church’ yesterday.  I wonder why he went to church.  I wonder how he could do what he did tens of thousands of times and not only ‘attend church’ but hold the office of usher in that congregation.  I wonder, how could his conscience be so seared that he was past feeling or past personal responsibility?  How could he be so depraved he didn’t recognize his work was beyond reprehensible?  For a little bit, I get tripped up in the thought:  how could he do that?  He was totally given over to a reprobate mind.

But then I go back to my initial reaction when I first read the article in the paper this morning… killing that killer was not the answer (other attempts to take his life, bombings, etc., were also not the answer — for the record).

Tonight I mull over… was this such a tragedy bcz his actions so horrifically despicable and now there is no possible opportunity for him to express remorse for knowingly, willingly, murdering tens of thousands of viable human beings?  Or, was it so heinous bcz he lied to all those mothers and profited from all those deaths?  Or, that now, someone else will imprisoned and will likely be lawfully executed for killing that killer? I can see why he did it – or, rather, I can imagine why — but there is no excuse for it.

But in all of this, I imagine the point of focus will not be on the abortionist, George Tiller, and will perhaps, eventually, not even really be on the gunman who entered that church and committed the murder — but the focus will likely be shifted to anti-abortion extremists (read: right-wing extremists), anyone who vocalizes opposition to abortion or who peacefully protest abortion (or anything else).

I do pray this event will make people stop and consider abortion for what it is — and not allow this tragic event to draw attention away from the heinous atrocity of abortion in this country (and around the world). I pray that people will wake up to the fact that abortion is a sin — a national tragedy — a judgment on society.  I pray that people will see that abortions not only happen at the hands of so-called doctors, like Tiller, but by abortifacients such as birth-control pills and IUD’s and medications given to women who want to kill their babies.  I pray this tragic event will cause people to take another look at the lie of abortion — that people will see abortion is not a choice — it’s murder; and that abortion is not ‘family planning’ but death in a family.  Abortion is not a right; abortion is a wrong.

So this day’s nearly over.  Lives have been forever changed, lost or destroyed.  Truly sad, truly tragic.

Again, I am not thankful George Tiller is dead.  But I am thankful he will never have another opportunity kill another baby and will never cause more pain, death, grief or tragedy.

It is a tragedy he is dead, but the real tragedy is that this man will never have the opportunity to repent of his sin and turn to the LORD and give God glory for what could have been an honourable life.  George Tiller will never have the opportunity to repent and express genuine sorrow to all those he misled, for all the lies he lived and all the precious lives he destroyed.  Another sad case of two wrongs never equalling right.  Now, two killers, two tragedies.


4 thoughts on “Two Killers – Two Tragedies.

  1. Hi Pamela,

    I wrote this article a couple of days before yours…we are definitely on the same page!

    I imagine we are writing what thousands of saddened Christians are thinking about this tragedy!

    We are kindred spirits, I believe!


  2. I was sad to see someone repaid evil with evil. I struggled with what should the Christian answer be to this tragic event. Then I woke up this morning and realized that several lives were possibly saved yesterday, today and tomorrow. How many women were going to go in, this VERY WEEK, to this “Dr” and abort their child? People are mourning the lost of this man. What about the loss of innocent children? I never cease to be amazed by people.

    God works in ways I can never understand. Only God knows why things happened the way they did.

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