Dr. Obama.

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The University of Notre Dame is set to crown Barack Obama with an honorary degree — in addition to the invitation to deliver the 2009 commencement address.  So, don’t you wonder how this anti pro-life president will handle the commentary generated from accepting the invitation to address the graduating class of Notre Dame?   You know, what I find so disturbing is that he has the temerity to accept an honourary Doctor of Laws degree — from. a. Catholic. University — no, on second thought, it’s disturbing that the University would confer it on him.

This is unbelievable — on so many levels.


In a perversely paradoxical sense, it is the pro-life community at Notre Dame which is responsible for the abomination which this invitation represents. By steadfastly opposing the display of abortion photos on their campus, they have allowed abortion supporters to create the misleading impression that abortion is a nominal evil. Dr. Martin Luther King didn’t trivialize lynchings by handing out white carnations or empty red envelopes. He won passage of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 by forcing the American people to look at shocking images of African Americans being savagely beaten for trying to register to vote.”

quotebegin.gifThe Center For Bio-Ethical Reform (CBR) has begun displaying large abortion photos on the sides and backs of a fleet of billboard trucks which will operate in the South Bend area between now and the conclusion of graduation ceremonies.”

And the furthest left-leaning president in US history, President Obama, will accept an honourary doctorate from a university that, according to its foundational platform:

quotebegin.gifFrom its earliest days, Notre Dame’s distinctive mission has set it apart from other institutions of higher education. The difference lies not so much in terms of subject matter and academic disciplines as in the perception of how  those disciplines ought to serve God and humanity. At the very heart of Notre Dame’s mission is its profound faith heritage and aspiration to be at the center of Catholic intellectual life—to be a bellwether institution in the pursuit of truth and knowledge, while remaining guided and elevated by the moral imperatives of the Catholic faith.” (Faith and Service at Notre Dame)

I guess, in reality, I ought not think it strange that Obama would take this doctorate — I really ought to be questioning the University’s decision to give it out.  But then… it’s not really strange… I guess — for people are giving the Obama a pass just about everywhere he goes regardless what he says he will do and doesn’t or what he says he won’t do and does.  It doesn’t seem to matter.

Update: (5/9)
Protests = arrests at Notre Dame.
Apparently, by which, Mr. Obama is not swayed.  I mean, ‘ Doctor ‘ is ever so much more persuasive and sounds so much more official than: Community Organizer or president.


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  1. I agree with those scriptures. A strong delusion indeed. I have seen people that I used to have very high respect for praise Obama. I pray for the President often but I have yet to see anything that he has done that has blessed our nation.

    On a side note, have you noticed that when you google The Welcome Home Blog that it does not show up anymore? It used to be at the top of my result list but now I have a hard time finding it. Hmmmm. Maybe your opinions make Google mad 😉

    Love you,
    Ouida Gabriel

  2. A friend just sent these verses along concerning another “Omygoodness” sort of issue.

    They. fit. here. too.

    2Thessalonians 2.11
    “And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:”

    Romans 1.25
    “Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever.”

  3. Thank you all ♥ — Beth, Brenda and Nicole — for your comments.

    As I think of this it’s just one more event that affirms my thinking about the arrogance and inappropriateness of behaviour/decisions of B. Obama and indicative of how greatly deluded many are concerning President Obama.

    I added the quote from the University’s website showing some core distinctives the University holds and seems to want to promote. Yes, it’s not the students, liberal or otherwise, who will confer the doctorate — but the board of the University itself — people who ought to be governed by the principles or position of the University.

    One more thing… do you think people will now question the value of a Doctorate from ND? Sorry for the students who actually earned theirs. Ouch. ♥

  4. This hurts many Catholics, and it is heartening to hear others are shocked and dissapointed in the university’s decision as well.

  5. I think what is very telling is how the older generation at Notre Dame has leaned toward being upset Obama is coming and the younger generation (especially students) are all for it.

    Living in the shadow of a major world class University (one that is a huge rival of Notre Dame in football), I can tell you what I’ve heard on Fox News many times… Socialism is alive and well on America’s college classes.

    I agree with the above comment, not even a Catholic University like Notre Dame is as conservative as it used to be.

  6. Yes, all true…but as an Indiana resident, where Notre Dame is located, we all know that the University doesn’t really seem to stand out any more for what we would hope it would. Possibly those closer to the university would disagree but we just don’t hear about their religious stand anymore!

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