Abortion’s ugly lie

teacuppamela.pngEvery now and then it happens.  I wonder how many of times this has to happen before this civilized society sees abortion as the heinous atrocity it is.  When will pro-aborts see the truth that abortion is the destruction and death of precious baby – a human life.  Abortion destroys a baby.

Sycloria Williams knows that.   Now.  But she didn’t grasp that before she underwent the procedure that would kill her growing and thriving baby — her baby born alive.  The baby was thriving alive within her womb, was thriving alive outside her womb and then that baby was killed.  That’s what happened.  That’s the truth of abortion and it is just that gruesome. Whether that baby was killed before —or after— it was beheld by its mother — nothing was different about the baby.  It was living, moving, growing, thriving — alive.

It’s odd, really — but not surprising — that Miss Williams would now want to fight what happened to her baby.  O, sure she wanted to end that situation she was facing… sure she might have thought it was a problem to be pregnant at her age and socioeconomic situation.  But her reaction betrays the fact that she mustn’t have thought she was really pregnant with a real b-a-b-y — a real, live human-being.

This is why the sanctity of human life must be cherished and proclaimed and this is why morality matters.   The reality of the preciousness of life matters.

And every now and then reality assaults the senses and causes someone to personally come to grips with the fact that a murder or more happens in every abortion.   Abortion isn’t about the “choice” of a woman or “a woman’s right to choose.”   Abortion is about the death of a baby — a human being.   The account of that article is shocking — but really — consider that abortions are happening every day all across America and if more women were actually educated about the so-called ‘choice’ they were about to make, very few – I’d hazard to say – would make that sickening decision.  Very few.   

It’s as if Miss Williams was shocked by the reality of Abortion’s Ugly LIE.   

O……….. no.  It was a baby — what have I done!?!?!?!  And then, the instinctive mothering nature captures her heart and thoughts and she instantly reacts and hollowly screams:  Noooooooo… what have you done to my baby?!?!?!?!

And for one more baby… it was too late.


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  1. Thank you, Glenys & Christina. We have been working at and attempting to expose this travesty for years — O that people would see this crime for what it is. Thank you both for your loving concern for life.

    God bless you — pamela ♥

  2. Someone close to me bought The Lie and aborted her 10 week old foetus because everyone (except myself) said she was too young to be a mother. She listened to The Lie only to have regrets later. No longer does she feel that she has been relieved of a foetus…she knows she has been robbed of a baby. Crying together, I told her she would see the babe in Heaven. We then named the baby her favourite name: “Jordan”

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