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Now it will begin to be very clear as to why I wrote the blog entry: one-of-the-saddest-days-in-the-history-of-this-nation.  I knew I wasn’t alone in holding that opinion — and I know I’m not alone now. 

Tens of millions of *innocent* children — unborn babies — have been murdered in this nation since the legalization and government sanctioned abortions.  It doesn’t seem to matter one iota what George Bush did in his tenure as President — but if nothing else, he did stand for life — he stood in the gap for millions and did so publicly and through legal policy.  Barack Obama reversed that policy today.   He had opportunity to stand for life.  He sat down with pen in hand and stands against innocent babies.  Abortion is not about women’s reproductive health, it’s not about basic healthcare.  It’s not even about a right to choose.  Because in that procedure, of three of the people in the room, only two of the voices are heard.  The third voice is silenced.  Death is not basic health.  Life is basic health.  Abortion is not family planning.

President Obama had an opportunity just yesterday to hear thousands of voices… to see thousands of hands in prayer for children, for the unborn, for this nation… thousands attempting to reach out to him to change his mind and stand in the gap for *helpless* individuals.  Instead he did not.

That’s just the beginning of the consequences of one of the saddest days in this nation.

Opportunities to be civil, to be gracious and to be honourable have been missed this week.  Was it too much to just be gracious to the former president?  Was it too much to be gracious to the citizens of the United States by acknowledging that there were tens of millions of law abiding citizens who did not for vote for but are being governed by this Change?   Citizens who, because of his decisions, are forced to pay for unconscionable policies and unprecedented national debt.

It’s a new day…  This, in regards to Obama’s being ‘sworn in’ a second time (in the Oval Office) following the original bungling of the Presidential Oath of Office on Inauguration Day.

quotebegin.gifFour reporters witnessed the oath of office and shared their observations with others, and a White House photo was released.

“We think it was done in a way that was upfront and transparent,” White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said in a briefing when questioned why video cameras were not present. [and there was no Bible]

Pressed on the matter, Gibbs said, “we would have had to get a bigger room.” [and a Bible]

I mean, truly, even Lyndon Johnson had a Bible on which to place his hand taking the oath of office on Air Force One in 1963 following the assassination of John F. Kennedy.   Could there possibly not have been a Bible in the whole White House?  Could there be another reason?


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  1. It was no accident that I stumbled upon your website today. I hadn’t heard about him signing anything about abortion, although I was afraid of it coming. What a darkness has come over our country. Or at least the darkness is growing darker. I believe God has called his children to shine even brighter than before. There is hope and it’s not in President Obama! He may have taken the throne in many American’s hearts and it will be interesting to see where that leads. It’s never good to elevate a human to godlike status. And the higher they are placed the further to fall (I’m thinking of King Saul). God is still on the highest throne. God’s purposes will not be thwarted. There is hope in Almighty God!

  2. Change indeed….and this is just the beginning…the very first thing…very telling…

    About Graciousness….what does it cost you to be gracious…I mean, he already won…he IS President…what would it have cost him? Then I heard about the Bush girls leaving the Obama girls a video or audio recording welcoming them into the White House…giving them advice..etc…Graciousness…this is something that I hope and pray that I always have…it really costs nothing to be gracious…either in victory, defeat or everyday life…

    About the Bible, I am not surprised at all…He is Muslim (sp)and obviously appears to have no regard for God…

    What a sad day indeed…

    I really appreciate your posts and your website…thank you for standing for truth…

  3. Oops, multiplied on my math.
    I am grieving with you. I am shocked they didn’t use a Bible at the 2nd oath. Do you think they planned it that way?

    Yesterday’s signing was horrific!

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