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teacuppamela.pngWes and I were browsing articles in our local paper and one article, in particular, really made us shake our heads — a social commentary — sort of a sign of the times regarding what marriage is worth.

quotebegin.gif   Although she is relieved to be out of the marriage, if she had known how little money she would get, Tomasko said, “I might have stuck with it a little more, I don’t know. Maybe it would’ve made me think a little harder.””

If she had known… she might “have stuck with it a little more…”   Words fail me.

Interesting what people think marriage is worth – or what it would cost to make working at it worthwhile.  Wouldn’t it be cool if the well being and the future of the *children*were taken into consideration as seriously as money or financial gain or loss is considered.  Wouldn’t it be cool if family mattered.

Family matters.


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  1. When I married, my husband was addicted to pornography-and he was a preacher, and about to lose his ministry. I thought of leaving him, but God kept telling me-he’d get better if I stayed-and he needed me because he’d had no formal Christian training in his home as a child and Dad thought it was ok-so he followed in his dad’s footsteps to gain his approval then got “hooked”. But we fought like cats & dogs, and I sure threatened to leave-then after 19 years- he was delivered. WE CELEBRATED OUR 23RD LAST YEAR! But you just don’t give up on someone if you really love them

  2. I was married when I was 15. I loved him greatly and when he left, I never thought of money. Or at least I don’t remember thinking of it. I thought “How am I going to get through this day without him”. And then when I had a boyfriend who was a control freak (and I don’t mean in the I-won’t-submit- kind of fashion) I thought of how was I going to make it on my own with a child but I still left. Money should never be a factor whether to leave or stay. But then again, most of the time marriage is not about what it should be, a covenant with God. It is simply a “lets see how long this last and when I am tired of you then we can go our separate ways” kind of thing. Peoples priorities are messed up. Look at how in San Francisco they are protesting against Israel. But that is nothing new under the sun either…

    I’m just glad that God sent me a real man who knew how to love me. We both understand sacrifice, respect, and when to give a little for the other. God is good beyond belief!

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