You just gotta wonder… that 7 day challenge

teacuppamela.pngI don’t know about this one.  I mean, I know about this – and read the article and listened to the challenge and I think I ‘get’ what he’s trying to accomplish and the point he’s trying to drive home – but I’m just really wondering about the sheer lack of godly wisdom there… and I’m really wondering what it’ll be like tomorrow morning when the church meeting begins – will there be snickering, will everyone be looking around at the other folks?  Will they be self conscious?  Will there be chiding and joking or will this very sensitive and private matter just be left alone.

Texas pastor, Ed Young, challenged ‘his congregation‘ to 7 days of intimacy – says he thinks his church will have been the happiest place in America after this.  But what of all those for whom the challenge was a challenge?  Over the years I’ve received many letters from women for whom this challenge would be totally over the top – women who have longed for the intimacy but the “programming” of it or the demand just sends them to the edge. I wonder if there’s been any help or hope for whom this challenge would bring painful consequences or reactions.

So, yeah… I seriously pray the man will be sensitive tomorrow as the church gathers – it’s sort of too late to pray he will be wise – well, maybe I pray he will be a truly wise man from here on out.  I mean, we all learn from silly things we say and do.  Well, most of us learn.  Some just remain wiseguys.

And there’s a huge difference between wise men and wise guys.


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  1. I think it was a bad idea. Having some teachings on marriage related things from God’s Word and touching on the subject of intimacy would be better.

  2. Pamela,
    Amen to that! I could not believe it honestly when I heard about the “challenge”….I am not a prude but honestly…this is something that should be a private matter. Where was the discretion in his letting the media into this…was he looking for publicity?! I feel for his own wife quite honestly because she must walk around with this hanging over her head. I hope he learns to be discrete and think and seek the Lord before making any future announcements~

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