At my local library in June…

I forgot to post these photos from our local library in June. I was amazed at the blatant message of the posters – considering that they were located in the center of the library next to the computers. Slowly, desensitization and subtle indoctrination is taking place… you may not even realize it until you start using common jargon to describe sodomy, for example – or until other common words replace evil. Consider – what, at one time might have been called abomination is now (for fear of man) simply called: inappropriate. Now, to take this stand, one is commonly at risk of being called hateful – phobic. But, surely, that’s just part of the enemy’s tactic to silence people who stand for the truth. Standing for truth is not hateful nor is it phobic or fearful — but the defeated foe must employ whatever means possible to deceive and attack.

Here’s what adults and children saw in our library in June.

Snohomish library June 2008

8/13 edit: For the record… my reason for posting this on my blog is that there are statements on this poster that are just totally absolutely reprehensible and egregious for a public library to endorse by posting this display in the middle of the library for the month of June.

Impressionable, vulnerable, *innocent* children must be protected from: “join the transexual menace” and from the potential for exploitation and abuse of others: “hang out with children and teach them how to cross dress barbie and GI joe” and by the mere suggestion that there are “things you can do to eradicate gender or multiply it exponentially.”

Shame on the Snohomish Public Library. What’s in the books on the shelves is wholly another matter. What’s on display in the middle of the library is the issue at hand here. And this is a blatant, in your face, attack on God, on faith, on the family and society at large. Shame on the Snohomish library for breaching the confidence and safety and assaulting the sensibilities of children and families… the patrons who pay for and frequent this library.

library disgrace

Well, Duh.  But – eradicating gender or promoting exploitation, abuse, confusion and/or abomination is not the answer.

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  1. I would have been tempted to tear them down and run out!
    I would have been tempted to call all the churches and organize a protest!

  2. Our library went even further and set up an entire homesexual and transgender display at the entrance of the teen area in the passageway one must navigate to get back to the main library area. It is truly difficult to protect our children.

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