Prayers for Marilyn Moll

I would like to ask you to pray for Marilyn Moll (aka The Urban Homemaker) and the Moll family as they mourn the loss of  husband and father, Duane.  Marilyn’s husband Duane passed away suddenly and unexpectedly Sunday night.

I’m struck once again with the brevity and fragility of life and how mere moments can make such an incredible difference.   I consider how my husband’s life so suddenly and dramatically changed when he had a heart attack the day after his birthday last fall.  How stunning that was to me.  I attempt to grasp what she must be feeling tonight… every night now.  Every night alone.  I marvel… my husband’s the same age.

I don’t know Marilyn personally — but feel as though I do.  First, eagerly  reading her column in the early Gentle Spirit magazines which I truly loved and then for the last nearly ten years linking to the Urban Homemaker on my website.  What an inspiration she has been and no doubt will be as the Lord surely deepen her message.

May God bless you, Marilyn, with His care and His gracious and tender mercies day by day.

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  1. Oh dear, I too became aquainted with Marilyn thru the Gentle Spirit magazines. I will keep her in prayer. This is so sad.

  2. I know, Georgene – it’s such a tender situation… I’m aching for her as she walks though these days. O, God is truly God in the valleys.

    God bless you – love you – pamela

  3. Thank you, Pamela, for letting us know about Marilyn’s situation. I remember reading her articles in Gentle Spirit and have received her catalog for years. I spoke with Duane a few times many years ago. He seemed like a very patient soul. I thankful to know of her loss so I can begin praying.

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