Jump in, the water’s fine…

Or so we said whenever someone visited and was hesitant to jump in…

I’ve never figured out the exact purpose of this blog, the direction I wanted to steer it or the specific content I’d write or curate. But, one thing I know, for a couple of decades now, I’ve been drawn to write, drawn to share, drawn to connect near and far with sisters in the Lord who find themselves in the midst of the garden of life: growing and thriving, in the day-after-day busy, in the hustle and bustle of family, or in the looking back wondering where the time went, or in the spending quiet, all alone, days….

I am or have been in each… reminiscing, looking back, looking ahead… striving, stopping, regretting, laughing, hoping, forgetting, crying,  remembering… and through it all, tripping or stepping heavenward.

It’s all part of the journey… I’m seeing, on the path to later motherhood.  Through it all, I’d still say: jump in, the water’s fine. I said it in my carefree childhood to a friend too nervous to jump in the pool, and later to a young mom afraid to start a family, and still later to an older mom fearful to have more children or, over the years, to let go and watch her children leave the nest for their own life’s journeys.

Things haven’t turned out the way I thought they would.  In many ways, they haven’t turned out as I planned, or hoped, or wished, or imagined. But. And this is more important: they’re turning out the way God’s allowed them to. From all I’ve seen and read and heard, I can trust Him. I can trust Him for whatever comes… from my failures, my perceived successes, my missed opportunities, and my fairly okay attempts to do what I was called to do.  In the end, the children (and their children) are for Him to guide; the earth is His, the world is His… all the children belong to Him and from all I’ve seen and read and heard, He’s all we need.

My feeble attempt to make my way back into these pages is just this: I’ll be sharing what He’s doing, what I’m doing and learning and how it’s all turning out.

My trust and hope in the Lord hasn’t wavered… He is still my All in all, the Hope of Glory.

And the Jump in, the water’s fine title? That was for me… nervously blogging for the first time in a year or so.

with love and blessings….

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