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teacuppamela.pngWritten Friday, March 7, 2008. This has been quite a Newsy Week! As a diversion to the mudslinging political campaigning, home education is on the chopping block in California (my dear home state believe it or not!).

It’s always amazing to me that when “liberal beliefs” or a liberal position is *agreed with* then everything’s well and good. But, if that position or those beliefs are challenged in any way, then there is incredible offense taken. In many cases, everything’s right except righteousness – and the Bible says this will be so. The Lord even forewarned of these very days, these perilous times. He forewarned the hatred of God, of Himself and of those who would love God. And so, while not surprising, the signs of the times and the events or activities of the day are strangely just that: surprising. I found myself, many times yesterday, marveling in disbelief. I listen to the campaign rhetoric and shake my head. How can all this possibly be happening in America? But it is. How can believers be so unprincipled that immorality, unrighteousness or unbiblical stands are acceptable and even given support in candidates campaigning to hold the highest office of this land. Amazing.

Yesterday was a whirlwind of activity, phone calls, emails, petitions, letters, etc., regarding the California case that could, if enacted, literally dismantle legal homeschooling in California and make it so difficult that only a very few parents could legally do so.

In an attempt to get a more accurate (instead of what I assumed would be — and is) feel for the climate surrounding the recent ruling, I attempted to wade through the hundreds and hundreds of comments on the SFGate page that were posted following the recent ruling pertaining to homeschooling in California. What an education! What contrast! Those championing tolerance and liberal thought were absolutely the most narrow, closed minded of all the contributors. It would seem that “liberal thinkers” would be the most open to home education or to private education or whatever other form of ‘alternative’ education would be undertaken by parents and students. But no. No, such was not the case at all.

All of this has once again led me to ask, as I have on numerous occasions in the past, why is public education so critical to liberals or whatever name might be given to those who so ardently stand against ‘conservative’ parents? Why does it matter so very much and why is such an incredibly high amount of money put toward the ‘education system’ in America (and, of course in many! countries around the world)? Indoctrination. Mass indoctrination. Simple. Get enough people assembled in one place and tell them lies often enough, they will not only believe, but embrace and defend. And interestingly, as an assault or attempt to denigrate the practice, that’s just what is leveled at home-educating parents: indoctrination. You see? Indoctrination is mocked by liberals. But it is precisely indoctrination that makes public education so necessary.

I know I’m standing on the proverbial edge here, but I’d say the opposition to homeschooling is a farce. And I’d say further that it’s an attempt to dismantle or topple parent’s rights so that the massive machine can continue unhindered: destroying the foundations of Truth and Righteousness in this once great nation. Now, do I think every homeschooler is being taught in sincerity and truth and that every homeschooler is receiving an excellent education in truth, academics, righteousness, morality, patriotism, faith and obedience to God and goodwill and honour toward men? No. But I’m very confident that all the homeschooling families I know or have met are earnestly attempting striving to do so. And so that’s probably what’s most disheartening about the attack on homeschooling and the negative comments regarding home education and/or parent’s rights to home school their children.

In the end, I find I want to say to all those in opposition who personally have “school-age” children: go ahead, send your children to school. God bless you. You’ll be doing what you think is best – as the parent of those children – that’s your deal.

To those in opposition of homeschooling — who do not have children: well, hmmm. Until and unless you have children of your own, it’s foolish to make selfish demands on others who are thoughtfully and diligently bringing up and training the children who are the future of this nation.

To those who have “school age” children in the government schools and who are opposed to homeschooling or to parents who homeschool, consider this: millions of your peers (parents of children) are paying to home educate their children and are paying, in part, for your children’s education as well! For consider this, not only are the children of homeschooling families not taking up seats, time and space in government schools, they’re also not wasting government resources — though their parents are paying for other’s children in what is often unquestionably a waste of government resources.

To those who are just fighting the issues of home education vs. public education because there’s nothing better to do: there are many marvelous and fruitful ways to spend time and energy. Fighting against home education is fruitless unless there is something at stake. What is it?

And then… because I’ve been spending so much time thinking about the public or government vs. home or private schools, I find myself wondering why progressive thinkers are so adamantly opposed to home education or home schooling. Could it be that conservatives are really the progressive thinkers and liberals are not? Could this be? I know, I know, the whole dialectic praxis… but, really, it’s amazing that liberal thought can be so… so… not liberal.


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  1. Just a short note, I don’t want to take your time away from your family, etc! I will read at least one of those books. I don’t see it myself, but I do truely want to know where you’re coming from.
    I’m a fellow Californian and will do whatever is in my power to help parents everywhere keep the right to teach their children as they see fit. Which includes telling some truths to the “well meaning liberals” around me. 🙂

  2. Hello Sarah – My time’s short here today… but wanted to be sure to reply. Ah yes… the truancy officers. You know, I talked to a former teacher who shared that there were so many truancies in recent year (in my old high school) in San Francisco that they closed the school – they were practically paying students to go to school. So, yeah, I suppose the old days of truancy officers are over, for the most part.

    I know I seem, sound, and often am ignorant of many things. But there are a number of areas where I’m daily attending to be informed, knowledgeable and have studied to come to the understanding or knowledge I have. I’m not sure the CA debacle is just a matter of truancy officers, etc. Not sure just what’s behind it all, but for whatever reason, this latest case would dramatically curtail the ability for most parents in CA to home-school their own children. You’re right, I, and other homeschoolers (conservative and liberal, etc), do need to articulate the ‘why’ behind the decision to home-school. I’d say for all of us who do home educate our children, it’s multifaceted and not simply ‘religious’ or indoctrination. Though, those are two very compelling and realistic reasons.

    Though, I must say, I disagree with the government is not involved in indoctrination position. There *is* an agenda. It’s bold, it’s blatant and it’s prevalent. Just pick up a copy of the book, After the Ball – Kirk & Madsen – or David Kupelian’s book, The Marketing of Evil. I’m no conspiracy theorist, but I must say these are two rousing books.

    Uh, hmmmm… I never doubted people as being ‘well meaning’ – I never said “they are… going to hell…” those are your words. I never expect “them” to accept ‘my’ message with open arms – maybe arms around a waste basket, but I’d don’t fully expect “them” to thoughtfully consider it. I just write because I have a lot I’d like to say… that’s all. And in so doing, I hope to help another see a way on the path and another to be encouraged and another to be edified and another to — well, write and dialog with me. Life’s no monologue.

    Well… gotta go! Can only say justasec, justasec so much and then it’s just not justasec at all.

    love, pamela

  3. Me again. I blame ignorance. These well meaning, yes well meaning, people are guilty of the same thing you are about them. Ignorance. They think they are helping children. They really do. There is not a liberal/gay/feminist indoctrination scheme, really, there isn’t. If there is it’s been going on for quite some time. I am dating myself here but I think we both remember the days of truancy officers. I am thinking this law goes along those lines.
    Perhaps instead of trying to tell these well meaning, yes well meaning, people that they are evil, Homeschool advocates should say why you do it. Not so much the religious reasons, right as that is for you, you also know they won’t agree. But if you spoke more of your rights as parents and the better education homeschooled children recieve it would go over better.

    Liberals think their way is best just as much as you think yours is. So they are trying to help, misguided as they may be in this case. When you tell people who think they are doing the right thing that they are evil, going to hell, wrong, sinful, and responsible for the very fall of society, they’re not going to welcome your message with open arms.

    But, if you find me a liberal who can tell you that the government should have more rights over well-adjusted, non-abused children than their parents do I will challenge them myself. Isn’t “our” beef with conservatives that “you” try to tell “us” how to live? I’m sorry if any if any of “us” are knowingly doing the same to you.


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