Reason number 20808 to Homeschool

As if you really needed another reason to stay the course and train up your children at home.

Boy wants to Return to School as a Girl

I know, I know… just bcz children go to a government school doesn’t mean they’ll be confused as to who they are or that all gvmnt schools are bad. To be sure though, government schools certainly aren’t teaching children what God says about who and what He created and why He did so — or who they are in Christ Jesus.

Omy. Next week it’ll be a dog.

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  1. Now, see, isn’t this incredible. You are the one labeling me as hateful, saying that I hate [the actions, the behaviour, who they are, etc., etc.] it.

    “””If you can make the leap to say that what other people know to be the truth is inncorrect [sic] and even sinful you better be able to back that up with reading their minds and souls the rest of the way too.”””

    Only God reads the minds and souls. I know that and you know that. God is the author and creator of truth. And so, if a man or woman rejects God, they reject truth; if a man or woman rejects truth, they reject God and what follows is that they then personally define their own set of beliefs themselves. Self is and would be self’s god.

    Because my beliefs are based on the Bible ((forget the Fred Phelps argument – why didn’t you pick Steve Camp or John Piper or Nancy Leigh DeMoss or my neighbor or husband??? – why’d you connect this dot to the Fred Phelps dot – isn’t that so caustic to attempt to pick the most outlandish behaviour and stick it to one who was simply conveying a well understood truth from the Word of God?)) you determine that I am ignorant or that my opinions are ignorant.

    Because I haven’t and won’t buy into the dialectic praxis, I am labeled intolerant and here, hateful and ignorant. Wouldn’t it be just as appropriate – using the same tools the , then, for me to say: hey stop being so intolerant, ignorant and hateful of God’s Word or, hey, why do you hate God?

    So, now, isn’t it interesting that I can hold a position and state it and so long as it’s agreeable with yours I am lovable. If it disagrees with yours I am hateful. I always find it interesting that people who sincerely attempt to read, study, understand and *follow* the Word of God – The Bible – are labeled hateful for views that are not in line with the views that people who reject the Bible hold. There are buzz words and phrases that people tend to use to attempt to topple Biblically based and foundational truths. ‘Hateful’ is but one and intolerant, ignorant, twisted are others.

    I never called you hateful, ignorant or twisted or any other name. I never did and I won’t. I just want to make that very clear.

    I’m not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ. I will stand on His Word and will not shrink from telling the Truth. In His Word are the Truths of Life. His Words are dear to me and His ways are the Way of Life for me. Jesus came into the world to save sinners. I make no attempt to say I am anything but a sinner saved by grace through faith in the Lord Jesus.

    with sincere love, pamela

  2. Fred Phelps believes he is following the bible word for word just as you do. He will even give you “proof” that his message is 100% God’s word right out of the bible. See he leaves out parts that don’t fit his agenda too. You may leave out uglier parts (slavery, murder, child slavery/murder, wife beating etc.) where he leaves out the good. But the end result is intolerance either way.

    Yes God designed man and woman and thankfully for most people there are no deviations from that plan. But sometimes there are. There are a huge variety of deviations from what is “right” or “normal” in us humans isn’t there? Why don’t you allow for this when it comes to gender? Do you think these little children suddenly got the idea to cast off what they’re “supposed” to be as a game? Do you think it’s an easy fun ride to “offend society”? Do you really think this is a choice? Really? Who would make that choice and why? People are born with eyes that can’t see. Are they going against their design? If you can make the leap to say that what other people know to be the truth is inncorrect and even sinful you better be able to back that up with reading their minds and souls the rest of the way too.

    ” I am hateful and twisted bcz I am stating Biblically based truths and not going along with current of pragmatism or moral relativism.”
    No, you are hateful because you state your ignorant opinions and twist the words of the bible to make your version of “The Truth”. Which you do not know entirely. No you do not. The people who suffer in this case are little children who know who they are even if you hate it.

    May God Bless your heart.

  3. O, I know that people don’t consider the Bible to be the inerrant, inspired Word of God and that whatever they think is right is what’s really right. And… yes, sinning and all… God inspired men to write His Word. So… I guess that’s all I can really say on the matter. Everyone’s got to hang their hat and coat on some rack. I hang mine there. I guess I look at it this way: You’ll have to answer to someone – in the end, everyone will have to answer to someone. This is, for many, the age of relativism. And, that being the case, anyone who says there are moral absolutes is, to the moral relativist, a kook – hateful and twisted. Isn’t that interesting? I am hateful and twisted bcz I am stating Biblically based truths and not going along with current of pragmatism or moral relativism.

    You’re right… I do not know God’s plan for this child’s life. But I know this: God does have a plan. I can trust Him or they can trust Him on that – for certain.

    Okay… so… Fred Phelps? O, c’mon. You’ve obviously not been sitting at my table very long and are making some tremendously biased attacks based on what you assume I am saying. You are slapping me with paint from a very broad brush. Fred Phelps? You jumped from where I am to Fred Phelps? You’re connecting this dot to that dot?

    From what I have read, Fred Phelps has made what seem to me to be foolish, caustic, unfounded and most of all: unbiblical statements. Wow. That’s a giant leap. Fred Phelps.

    O, and as for “…all the feminine dress hub-bub?” That one’s simple. No confusion, no illusion. It’s just a matter I happen to have taken a real interest in concerning the walk and life of Christian women in today’s society. I don’t make a big deal of it – but I do write about it from time to time, yes. I think it matters that the outward matches the inward – that the outward agrees with God’s design. It matters to me. And, I’m serious enough about it to think it ought to matter to others. Just like animal welfare matters to other people. It’s something I find to be important. That’s all. It’s not my one note. It jsut happens to be a strong one with me.

    thanks again for taking the time to write. -pamela

  4. “Society will have to capitulate to that behaviour or be labeled intolerant or more ridiculously: phobic.”
    Sort of how those of us who are smart enough to realize that perhaps a man (you know man? With the sinning and all?) written book might just have an error or two already have to capitulate to you?
    You don’t know the truth of this little GIRL or God’s marvelous design for HER life. Maybe she’ll be the one to finally enlighten hateful twisted people like you and Fred Phelps.
    I pray for her, and for you.
    P.S. “but may I say that outward is not all that makes a person male or female – nor does the wearing of apparel make that distinction.” Then why all the feminine dress hub-bub?

  5. The little boy is a six year old today. Today\’s behaviour will be somewhat in keeping with behaviour particular to six year olds or whatever. However, the natural progression of a person is to age and to engage in activity that advances with knowledge and experience. When a person is allowed to follow or perform whatever they feel like following or performing, there are and will be enormous societal consequences. Society will have to capitulate to that behaviour or be labeled intolerant or more ridiculously: phobic.

    The ultimate in homosexuality will naturally follow should this child remain on the path he is on. My comment \’next week it will be a dog\’ was not arrogant thinking or a demonstration that my understanding is so ridiculous that I could offhandedly or flippantly say that next week that particular child would just as soon be a dog. Not at all. That comment was meant to convey that it would not be a stretch to read a story of a person who decided they prefer dogs or animals or whatever else or that they perceive themselves to be other than what they naturally appear to be and that society must make room for people whose preferences for partners or whose self expression is non-conforming – even offensive. And what will naturally follow is a further rejection of moral absolutes and ultimately a rejection of God.

    There is an agenda to rebel against God\’s creation, His authority and His design. There is an agenda to distort God\’s creation. There is an agenda to reject God. Did this little boy have knowledge and understanding to participate in a prescribed agenda? No, I don\’t believe so at all. Was he guarded and guided, was he carefully directed to embrace God\’s marvelous original design for His life, His particular creation? I know the child felt he was one way and externally appeared another way… but may I say that outward is not all that makes a person male or female – nor does the wearing of apparel make that distinction.

    I reread the story I originally linked and I read the story you linked… both affirm to me the nature of deception. A cross to bear? I disagree. I believe resolutely that God would never give a \’cross to bear\’ that is contrary to His Word or to His design. As far as having nothing to do with homosexuality… I wasn\’t jumping into that caustic argument. Thank you for writing. Eternity sorts out much. God bless you and thank you for taking the time to write.

    love, pamela


    I pray that I can be someone who helps the Lord open your eyes on this issue. The story you linked may just be about this little girl. I ask that you please read her story bfore you pass judgemnet and assume she’d just as soon be a dog.
    No one lead this child to believe she was a girl. In fact, quite the opposite is true. She just knows.
    Imagine if that was your cross to bear? You know you are a woman. You cherish it. You never once questioned who you were and your body matches that.
    This has nothing to to with Homosexuality or the “liberal/gay/Satan agenda”. She’s a little girl. She doesn’t want to engage in devient behavior any more than any other 6 year old little girl. She just wants to be who she is.
    Before I watched her story I felt the same as you about this issue. But her story broke my heart and opened my eyes. I don’t know the answer to this question, it’s not for me to know. It is a God made question, the same as all afflictions and blessings He bestows upon us.

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