Hey… watch out for those Christians…

And those fundamentalist wackos who actually read the Bible and History books that haven’t been revised or combed for anything offensive to any particular ethnic group… and who don’t “believe in” the so-called separation of Church and State.
This sort of thing goes on in media from time to time and I usually ‘turn the other cheek,’ so to speak, and attempt to forgettaboutit. However, the barbs from those who shape the minds and decisions of students around the country are getting increasingly antagonistic and mean-spirited. It will not be surprising then, if one day, in the not so distant future, our schools teach that Christians and Christianity is at the center of all that ails this nation and that both should be completely eradicated. In in the tradition of revisionist history, it would also not be surprising if textbooks cite an entirely different “founding” of this country and completely deny what’s been preserved by genuine historians. It would also not be surprising if the owning of Bibles and original history books became outlawed as well.
So, should Christians and should homeschoolers sound the alarm over being likened to terrorists because they, in general, know, support and proclaim the truth of the Constitution and the Amendments? Should Christians homeschoolers protest the antagonistic terrorist characterization? Would that be of great value or would it, in fact, further fuel the fire and bolster the misconceptions?

I wonder… and I wonder when will it be that believers in this country stand up for the Truth and against the lies.

Read the following excerpt regarding a recent mock-drill that played out in a Burlington, NJ high school. Note who the perpetrators were and the reasoning behind the terrorist attack. Then sit back and think about the implications of such future problem solving exercises and the subtle nuances being conditioned in the minds of these high school students.

Hostage Drill Prepares School for Crisis

quotebegin.gifThe purpose of the drill was to test the reactions of police, faculty and administration.

“You perform as you practice,” Superintendent Chris Manno said prior to the exercise. “We need to practice under conditions as real as possible in order to evaluate our procedures and plans so that they’re as effective as possible.”

The mock terror attack involved two irate men armed with handguns who invaded the high school through the front door. They pretended to shoot several students in the hallway and then barricaded themselves in the media center with 10 student hostages.

Two Burlington Township police detectives portrayed the gunmen. Investigators described them as members of a right-wing fundamentalist group called the “New Crusaders” who don’t believe in separation of church and state. The mock gunmen went to the school seeking justice because the daughter of one had been expelled for praying before class.

To make the drill more realistic, about 10 students volunteered to act as hostages or wounded victims. Several faculty members helped simulate a complete school lockdown, followed by an evacuation.”

This isn’t the first time such a scenario has been used as an exercise to quotebegin.gifprepare” students for an attack and hostage crisis. I remember reading a WorldNet Daily article a few years ago about Homeschoolers being portrayed as terrorists. I blogged about it at the time in my old blog. Homeschoolers across the nation are at risk of a very sickening and unfounded profiling. Is it because public education is at risk that homeschoolers are characterized as terroristas? And… how long will it be before Christians in this country are all labeled terroristas for believing in absolutes, in the Bible and the foundational truths of this nation?

Which leads me to say:
quotebegin.gifKnow History: know Truth. No History: no Truth.

That’s mine, and you can quote it. 😉


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