split loyalties

blueheartmughalf.jpgI’ve been a die-hard KitchenAid (mixer) aficionado. It’s wonderful to use, wonderful to look at and a wonderful time-saver for me. I’ve used my KitchenAid almost daily and sometimes several times a day for 18 years. It’s perfect and has never given me trouble. I do have to replace a second whip and a second flat beater, but at no time has the machine been a problem to me. I was familiar with the machine (in a larger model) when I worked as a cook and was determined to have that necessary piece of equipment in my own kitchen. I also have the attachments that make it all the more versatile. Truly, it was the best piece of kitchen equipment we’ve ever bought. Several of our friends have Bosch mixers and many times through the years, I felt sort of like I had the inferior product and yet still felt my machine was wonderful and very beneficial to me.

But then… it still wasn’t a Bosch. I felt dumb when they’d talk about all the wonderful things their mixers could do. I felt loyal to my faithful old friend. But, it was incapable of competing with the Bosch when making bread dough, for example, and couldn’t churn out the larger volume of cookie dough, either. But, nonetheless, my dear old cobalt blue mixer kept on working, whirling out meringue and whipping up egg whites and churning out thousands of batches of cookies, cakes and brownies through the years –not to mention the thousands of pounds of cheese and other items that have gone through the shredder/slicer! I never thought anything could replace the quality of the KitchenAid—except a bigger KitchenAid. And I never really thought I’d like anything else, for that matter. But I do so trust the judgment of my friends and take very seriously their thoughts and experience – especially where homemaking is concerned.

And then the UPS man tapped on the door and delivered the box.

I wasn’t home the day the box was delivered. I was in Canada getting crowned. Well, I like to think of it as a coronation service, it certainly cost as much as a marvelously catered soirée. I was calling that crown a food processor cover like no other! I had to share a little bit of reality with the dentist when he told me I need several of these little goodies. I shared with him that it was, indeed, wonderful to have all these little trinkets from his office, but I need a far different solution from here on out. He decided to see things a little differently and agreed to help me through this season with an inferior remedy for ailing teeth—not eliminating them altogether, but covering them differently. I can’t afford to be friends with the folks in that office. Their idea of a good day costs too much.

But I digress.

So we were standing in our kitchen and my husband asked me if I wanted to see what was in the box—well, certain it wasn’t anything *I’d* ordered, I reluctantly agreed. Yes, so you can guess the rest of the delightful story. He had gone ahead and ordered the Bosch mixer. See, it all started with the planning of our online store and what items we wanted to carry in our store. We made a big list of all the things that we could think of that say: family, that say: welcome home, that say: tradition — good things for families — good things for homes. One of the things on that list was –bread– or bread making things. Bread says welcome home. Knowing that our friends all agreed that their Bosch machines were the best, I decided to look into what it would take to sell them. And the rest, as they say, is history. We made application to become dealers for the Bosch machines and other specific pieces of kitchen equipment. And as we prepare the website, we’ll be able to offer to other families this great piece of equipment.

As I poured the wheat berries into the mill this morning, I smiled as I realized that I have a machine that can do what the KitchenAid could not. It can effortlessly knead 12 cups of flour, whereas my other cannot bear more than 6 or 7. As we’ve continued on the quest to make healthful changes to our diet, the whole grains are an integral part. I suppose, for me, the greater thing is that since I have nerve damage in my arm, I can’t do a lot of things I used to do bcz it’s too painful to work that arm. I’m amazed that I like the machine so much! It’s wonderfully designed for ease and simplicity and the “open” feel to it makes it much easier to use. Besides, I think bread brings boys home and keeps ‘em coming back for more.

So I’m sold. I hope lots of other people will be, too. ~wink~


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  1. Thank you for writing! Yes… I really do still like the Bosch. It is quite a hard working machine! Now… I’d still never give away or sell my KitchenAid, though, bcz I have used KitchenAids for so many years. I’ve had mine for nearly 20 years with *no* problems and used commercial models for several years before that. I love my KS stand mixer. But for bread(!) I really do like that Bosch!

    I like that you can have the beaters going and you can easily pour a thin stream of liquid into the bowl and not have to be messing with the large head of the KitchenAid.

    Probably the biggest thing I do not like about Bosch bowls is the center “cone” and though I realize that’s what allows it to be so efficient, it’s still awkward for cleaning, cleaning out the bowl and for ‘pouring’ stuff. If you use your KA and hang on to the handle for mixing, pouring and all that, then you, too, will have a challenging time getting used to how to hang on to and scrape a-r-o-u-n-d the ‘tube-pan’ shaped bowl to empty the contents. The handle on the KA is a definite plus+ in my book. The other drawback is that you cannot raise and lower the bowl for mixing and getting ingredients of the wire whips or flat beater. With the Bosch, the beaters are less simple to clean off. But the children think that’s a real benefit!

    So, really, for volume and weight(!) you really will enjoy the effectiveness of the Bosch. It’s really amazing! Several heavy loaves worth… every time with ease! Heavy cookie doughs, or light cream or egg-whites… all great! No matter how many dried fruits or nuts or grains I add to the wheat flour, the Bosch can handle the weight and volume. I am also really enjoying the blender – it’s a good one. It’s not a Vitamix by any means, but it is an efficient blender!

    Yes, my friend had told me about Bread Beckers. I like that one. The other I will explore! I’ll be writing about some recipes later this week so I will be sure and mention some sites.

    I just wanted to get this reply in tonight and to thank you for your prayers and love! Wes is really doing well… probably wishes he felt 100% better, but he is doing well.

    Thank you, again! with love, pamela

  2. Pamela, I was reading your blog. I came across this old entry. I thought you might like some other really good sites about milling your own grains and such.I myeslf have been doing so for about four years and the difference is like night and day in our health. http://www.breadbeckers.com and http://www.countrybaker.com are very helpful sites. If you have any good ones please pass them along to me. By the way, do you still like your Bosch? I have been thinking about one. I also have a Kitchen Aid and it does just beautifully. I really want to know if the Bosch is better and you would know by now. Give Wes our love. He is in our prayers and so are you. God bless you and your family.

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