Wait when news is shocking

mugA couple of nights ago as some of the sisters in our fellowship gathered, we talked briefly about a sensational and shocking local news story that had just been broadcast that evening. It would have grabbed our attention had we not known the woman—but hearing her name on the news and in the conversation gripped us. And since we had met or talked to her by phone in the past, it was just too unfathomable to take in the story or to believe the allegations. Had we not talked with her in the past, had not shared many of the same ideals for family, children, and missions work, we would immediately believe the report—but this report is staggering: unbelievable.

Now, a woman ― a mother is in custody, charged with manslaughter and homicide by abuse of her adopted 8-year-old son. Kimberly Forder is a woman we believe loved her family and children and sought to serve the LORD in helping others and through missionary work in Liberia. So… in the face of unsubstantiated claims or until “proven guilty,” we must stop and wait on the LORD. I simply ask that others be remembering this woman—the whole family—in prayer as the facts and accusations surface or are substantiated.

The papers are reporting different statements or accusations made by the family’s oldest daughter and the additional information is from court reports and probably quite a bit of editorializing. I know this sort of article sparks fear in some homeschooling families. The article in the Seattle Times yesterday regarding this whole matter referenced the family on the night of the death of the little boy: “a group of quiet children dressed conservatively and lined up from tallest to shortest.” And that the family “home-schooled their children and fed them from food grown in their yard.” [This “group” was probably five children, by the way.]

So, I say to families… don’t let the enemy gain a foothold or grip you with gripping fear if you home-school, home-birth, eat home-grown food (horrors!), or have a group(!) of conservatively dressed children, if you “foster care” children, or if you’ve adopted children from Liberia or elsewhere. These are condescending ploys to label and are nothing more than attempts at character assassination.

They teach children to line up in *school* don’t they?

Be careful… pray. These things may come to pass to indeed be true, but until then and even after, the family needs prayer and support. If the allegations are true, this ugly nightmare must serve as a caution, a warning and wake up call to all parents―Christian, pagan, whatever―all children are a precious gift and *must* be treated as such.

quoteWait on the LORD: be of good courage,
and he shall strengthen thine heart:
wait, I say, on the LORD.

Psalm 27.14


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  1. Hello Pamela,

    Things are becoming more difficult in this world for sure. And even through it all we praise the Lord for His incredible faithfulness.

    Thank you for linking AM and I pray that God will bless you with every rich blessing. 🙂

  2. Hi Pamela,
    This is surely concerning. Reminds me of the tragedy that happened to our HS community a few years back. (And the bigger story of Andrea Yates in our state.) A HS Mom stoned her children. One lived. I did not know her personally but we have friends who went to church with the family. It’s surely a time of prayer.

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