ah… famous last words

newscupBrowsing our local paper this morning… here’s a new line for you:

quoteI regret this and I’m big time sorry.

I guess he ought to be. Rhys Davis is the Republican candidate for Grays Harbor County commissioner — bet he’s big time sorry this morning as news of his soft porn website fills area newspapers. Offering a very flimsy excuse for the creation of the website, and demonstrating great lack of wisdom and character, he comments, “This is something we were playing around with to see how to build a Web page. If you notice, it doesn’t even look good. As soon as we were done, I deleted all of the files on my laptop and I thought that would delete the Web site. But it didn’t. I regret this and I’m big time sorry.” That’s the ugly thing about sin… it doesn’t just bling! Delete!

But a faithful man, who can find?

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  1. The man is running for public office and his actions were displayed publicly. In my estimation, immorality is something to judge seriously—his actions demonstrated lack of character and wisdom. Two things I judge to be very important and necessary in a candidate are morality and wisdom—does the candidate demonstrate sound judgment and do his actions demonstrate moral character?

    Having been redeemed and forgiven much, this Christian is very forgiving. And if this weren’t just a drive-by blast, it would be obvious that I am.

  2. Christians are supposed to forgive!!!— Good thing jesus dosen’t judge you like you judge this man!!!

  3. Hi Pamela, Just catching up and wanted to say hello. Seems I’m catching up more than I’m keeping up these days but I’ll always come back to check on you. I love the new look, no it’s not you, but it’s just as beautiful and appropriate to the scripture. As usual it was a blessing to me and brought tears to my eyes.

    And, I didn’t know about Glenys’ fiasco! I’ll make sure I write her.

    God’s best to you, Angela

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