The Simple Soap

teacuppamelaYou’re going to love this soap!  When you try your first bar, you’re going to notice an immediate difference between TheSimpleSoap and “commercial” soap company soap.  That’s why I’ve been so excited about The Simple Soap giveaway!  So… later today I will be selecting a recipient of TheSimpleSoap triple bar soap giveaway!

So… for several more hours, you have an opportunity to have your name added to the bowl of names in the drawing.  The only thing I’m asking is that you’ll share one thing you’re aiming to do or achieve or stop doing in this new year.  The comments we’ve received thus far have been wonderfully encouraging!   Go ahead and share your thoughts! I’ll add your name to the bowl and later today will have the drawing!

Thank you for reading… and for those of you who’ve been faithful readers of The Welcome Home blog, may I say, Thank you for your support and encouragement–I appreciate each of you.  I’ve made the decision to begin regularly blogging again and am seeking the LORD how this blog can be a more encouraging and integral part of people’s lives.  So, to that end, may this be a fruitful new year!

update! update!  I wrote all the names here and on Facebook and had my daughter-in-love select one of the slips out of the pile and…  THE WINNER IS: SARA R
Thank you all for sharing in this with me and for participating in TheSimpleSoap giveaway drawing.  I’ll be sending the box of three soaps to Sara… many blessings and love to you, Sara — Happy New Year — from me and The Simple Soap!

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