Looking ahead, looking back

teacuppamelaI glanced down at the clock as I pulled into the parking garage.  I rounded the corner and pulled into the same space I’d vacated just 7 hours earlier.    Knowing the segment queue was on the :20’s, quickly clicking through the radio stations, I was hoping to hear one of the morning “phone taps” my girls had replayed for me a couple of times.  These “phone taps” are pranks a radio host makes on unsuspecting individuals.  Twisted, I know.  But, given the situation I’d been experiencing, lots of my thoughts were scrambled in those days.  Precious minutes were ticking by as I waited in my car at the hospital for the call to be aired.  I waited, thinking the radio dj would play just one song – but no, he would play two.  Since I don’t listen to the music on that station, I found the first song so annoying.  But no matter, I was waiting for the phone tap.  Then a song came on that I’d heard once before (yes, I’m really late to the game on pop songs) but I didn’t know the words — except: I’m happy… happy… happy.

It was the morning after Wes’s open heart surgery and stretched emotions and fatigue had begun to catch up with me—but as He did each day, the Lord gave me strength for every hour.  I’m so grateful for what I learned of Him in those days.

O, and that phone tap was a dumb — as most are.  But the happy song swirled through my mind that day—and because of the great goodness of the Lord, I truly did (and do) feel like a room without a roof!

And, as I look back over the past year and begin a new one, I want to clap along bcz I know what happiness means to me and I want to live my life dancing  before the Lord  “like a room without a roof” echoing: happy, happy, happy!  The Lord is gracious!


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