Dear Sarah…

[ongoing Letters to my friend…]


heartcup1.jpgDear Sarah,
I’m just checking in to say hello and to encourage you to… Press on. :o)

The weather’s changed just a bit and the day doesn’t seem as bright out — and so I got to thinking about you and am just praying that you’re doing well — that you’re not discouraged with the load you are carrying in this season.


So, as I send this, I am praying that you will just be encouraged and just do *one* thing today that you’ve been meaning to get to.  Just *one* thing that’s been pressing or blocking some other things from getting done.  I’m doing this today — I have some ironing that *needs!* to be done and so I am just going to do it right now after writing to you.  I think we all have things that are blocking other things from getting done and then we listen to the devil tell us we’re not doing *anything* right.  So, I pray you’ll just smile through this day doing just one more thing…


I have found over the years that I suddenly get bored with my doings and then I fall into the trap of feeling overwhelmed and then think I can’t do anything.  It’s the enemy attempting to thwart my motherhood journey.  It’s a battle — more of a battle for some than for others — but it’s a battle, nonetheless.

The LORD has given me such a love for you and I don’t even know you so well yet.  I pray today’s a real blessing to and for you.

With love, pamela

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