Happy Birthday Sweet Kathryn

Another birthday away from home… we’re missing you so far away in Jinja, Uganda…  but we praise the LORD for His work in and through you and trust Him to continue blessing and blessing you as He has all of your days.  We know that the best place and the safest place to be is in the Hand of the LORD – wherever that is in all the world.    Thank you Lord — thank you,  Kathryn, for the precious gift of you.  Happy Birthday, darling!  I. love. you.  I. miss. you. today.  See you soon.

kathryn feeding Massesi children

  1. Pamela,
    you are truly blessed to have such a daughter! May God bring your Katherine home safely to you and your family.
    Happy Birthday Katherine and may the Lord bring you much happiness.
    Vikki Goedmakers

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