The Love Dare

teacuppamela.png I’d like to share another sort of journey with you.  Wes bought me The Love Dare book.  And so, I thought it would be sort of neat to share observations along the way as I go on the journey through the Love Dare book.    I’ve read the preface, introduction and Day 1.  Tomorrow I’ll write about “Day 1 – Love is Patient” and I will entitle each blog entry with the day and the heading.  I know I won’t be able to communicate all that happens on this journey and will likely not share specifics – but I’d like to write about this journey in hopes that I will encourage at least one woman to invest love, loyalty, effort and desire to improve or restore her marriage – to intentionally invest in her marriage.  I desire to improve my happy marriage — I desire to reinforce my strong marriage — I desire to learn more about my husband and my Heavenly Father’s desire for us as a couple.  I desire more opportunities to help others in marriage.

You know why this is important to me?  Because marriage matters.  Because God’s Word matters.  Because Faith matters.  Because children need an example to emulate, a pattern to follow and path to walk.  Because family matters.  Because history matters.  Because children need a godly heritage to pass on to their own children’s children.  Because God’s design matters.

Marriage matters to me.  Because I have seen the enemy attempt to thwart God’s design and godly seed.  Because first it was an attack on the children — destroy the faithful line – then an attack on the marriages — destroy the fruitful vine; now it’s all-out war on the family — destroy God’s design.

Another couple is facing divorce… another man has left his wife… another woman has left her husband… another family has been torn apart… another marriage has become a shipwreck.

Marriage matters. Because God designed marriage to be (among other things) a picture of Christ and the church – His bride.

Get the Love Dare book… Fireproof your marriage! Take the dare with me.


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