A little foodie blog-spotlight from my travels…

So, when I travel, I usually pick up a Sbx coffee… a grandé mocha – extra hot.  So, that in hand, here’s a little trip around the web for your cooking (or just idea gathering) pleasure.

So today I was looking for a recipe for cheesecake — one that uses mascarpone cheese.  I’d made one last year or the year before and forgot to keep the file.  :o(

Plus, I needed to get out my potato roll recipe to make rolls for Thanksgiving — but I wanted to see about a “refrigerator” dough recipe for potato rolls — so I compared the two and will use the one I’ve posted below.  O, and I want you to see just how *easy* it is to make delicious cranberry relish!  You might think you won’t like it — But I think you will!

While browsing, I looked through some of my bookmarked “foodie” sites and a few more sites along the way — they were added to the list of sites that intrigued, entertained, encouraged or had been “just what I was searching for” at some time in the past.  But first, the potato rolls and cranberry relish.

    • Potato Rolls here you go!
    • Cranberry Relish — so easy you’ll wonder why a recipe is even needed! Here it is.
    • In case you lost your recipe for making chocolate syrup for your mochas, here’s one.
    • If you have apples (or gingersnaps!) try this from Grace: pumpkin dip!
    • So many recipes to try! A Cozy Kitchen
    • Yummy scones for breakfast from Around My Family Table
    • Need another breakfast idea?  How about a Spinach, Mushroom, Pumpkin Frittata from My Kitchen Addiction.
    • The Tasty Kitchen‘s Phyllo wrapped Cranberry Pecan Brie
    • Now, what would a current foodie list be without a generous nod to The Pioneer Woman?
      [Hot Artichoke Dip – page 30, The Pioneer Woman Cooks — yum!]

Now,  if you’ve spent time in my kitchen, you’ll remember that one of my great loves is (besides anything Hert shaped, any blue and white dishes) Red bowls and accent pieces, teacups and teapots and more hearts, you’ll see:  tah-dah: Cookbooks.
And tucked between my Susan Branch Cookbooks, my church women’s cookbooks, my Rose Beranbaum and Julia Child cookbooks, my Julie Rosso and Sue Gregg cookbooks — and the original Pioneer Lady: Jane Watson Hopping books, I do have a few more favourites.  So, what am I doing looking online!?!?!?  Ah… well, there’s still this addiction, you see…

  • 365 Days of Baking and more : 365daysofbaking
  • Keeper of the Home : keeperofthehome
  • O, and here are a couple of Mascarpone Cheesecake Recipes Here and Here
    I’ll make another foodie post one of these days… there are so many things to share — unfortunately, most of the time over the last couple of years, my photos will not upload to this site and I have too little time to figure out why and don’t want to waste the time I do have… troubleshooting.  So, I guess you’ll just have to imagine all the wonderful things being made ~wink~ ;o) and you’ll have to see what’s posted on facebook from time to time. :o)May you always be blessed.

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