A Year Ago…

A year ago… it was cold.  A year ago it was rainy and dark clouds loomed overhead when the drops weren’t falling.  I thought Springtime would never come as I looked out the chilly windows.  And though the willow tree had just begun to show signs of lacey spring-green leaves, it was hard to imagine the nearness of Springtime as I looked out at the leafless branches of the walnut, hazelnut, apple, pear and plum trees.    Today’s much the same.

But as I mull this over, I have to also give thanks and praise to the LORD who only does all things well.  I must praise Him for His order, for His creation, for His perfect timing and for His gracious provisions.   For who could give such a scent to Hyacinth’s or beauty to Snowdrops & Crocuses?  And though there are few signs of beauty in the rose garden, how loving of the LORD to create the dazzling beauty to the serene Daffodils and Jonquils.  As I gaze out the windows and see them ringing the willow tree or in clusters in the rose garden, I cannot help but stop and thank the LORD for His majesty and grace.  For who else could’ve created such loveliness?  As the Daffodils look like teacups swaying in the breeze or bright yellow-faced smiling dancers — dancing before Him.  And for me.  Promises of brighter tomorrows.

So, a year ago I was listening to that song: Spring Time’s Coming… and listening to it again today reminded me of God’s great grace and mercy on us from that time to this.  I remember writing specifically about this song that Wes played for me each morning as my “wake up music” _here_ and I have to smile today as I think back on one year ago and the Co-incident of the fulfillment of that song.  Springtime indeed came and with also, “right before our eyes God had the sweetest surprise…”

A year ago I was sitting at the table and the UPS man came and brought a package — well, I wasn’t expecting anything so I thought maybe Wes had ordered something — but that, too, seemed odd bcz the very seasonal swimming pool business hadn’t really started for the year yet.  So when I called Wes to ask him about the package, he asked who it was from and when I replied that it was from UPS, he said, “Open it, open it!”  As I propped my phone between my ear and shoulder, I removed the outer wrapping to fine that the box contained a wrapped package.  Again, “Open it, open it!”  As I unwrapped the package, the pages I found on top began to detail a puzzling story… each page more confounding than the previous.  A beautiful letter.  Itinerary.  Accommodations.  A comprehensive guide book and car rental.  “What?!?!”  “Are you sure?!?!”  Nearly speechless and rereading in stunned disbelief I wondered how could this possibly be?!?    Fully and completely anonymous — how could they know that was our dream honeymoon plan that hadn’t ever been possible?   How could they know the song?  How could they…. but God?

Even now, one year later — knowing what I know now — I’m still rather in stunned disbelief over the glorious trip that package detailed and then was gratefully experienced for two weeks in Hawai’i.  That God in His sweet mercy would have me hear a song for many weeks to the arrival of that package — right before my eyes… the sweetest surprise… all the new things He had planned to colour our world.

Through this year as we’ve fondly looked back on the sweetest days we’ve ever spent together, we’ve chuckled that we both would jump up at this very moment to go there again  — but at the same time, we don’t really even hope for such a surprise as that again for the amazing gift surely seemed to be a once in a lifetime dream — a lovely dream  — one we treasure and will never forget (with love and forever thanks to Aloha-for-reals).

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