Springtime… seasons

The lacy green leaves are slowly appearing and daffodils are beginning to bloom around the old willow tree.  Isn’t it an awesome wonder: Every year, every passing season, has its marvelous reminders of the lavish mercy and everlasting kindness of the Lord.  May I never take this for granted nor think it not majestic.

Passing through many seasons in thirty-three years of marriage, I so hope I never again take for granted my husband’s care and thoughtful gestures.   You know, it’s something we all do — take for granted things that are or have been long present with us.  We assume things will continue just as they have… and then an illness, an accident, a tragedy occurs and that once steady, once forever, once ‘always there’ part of our life is taken away, lost, given away — whatever.

I was reading a long, detailed obituary this morning — a recounting of the life of a beloved wife, mother, grandmother.  A story of a stranger, yet after reading her obituary, a friend.  I began to think of different things I might want to write about my own mother; things I might want to write about my husband, my children, my friends.   All filling different spaces, memories, needs and seasons in my life — yet, do I take them for granted?  Do I tell them today the things I might be called upon to record in tomorrow’s obituary?  Might I never have another season with them?

My husband has the music player beside our bed set to play a few songs for me to hear when he wakes me up each morning.  He’s carefully chosen such encouraging music for me — I’m so blessed and inspired by the music — but, really, it’s the words I hear that linger in my thoughts and set the tone of the morning.  Like prayer and God’s Word… the music stays with me, greatly inspiring me for the day.

Ever mindful of just what I need, lately he’s included a song that’s been particularly encouraging to me.  It’s called Springtime’s Coming, sung by Kim Hopper ( The Hopper’s are Southern gospel singers).  Interestingly, I actually only really like a very select few Southern Gospel groups and wouldn’t ordinarily choose this particular one, but there’s something particularly beautiful and instructive to me in the one song he’s chosen for me.  I can’t find a clip to post, nor can I find the lyrics to share with you.  But here’s my attempt to share it with you. It goes something like this…  I’m sorry to not have the beautiful music for you.

Springtime’s Coming

It’s been a long hard winter, Spring’s long overdue…
Icy wind, cruel and bitter has chilled hope out of you,
you want to look ahead, but your heart’s so full of dread,
you can’t see the subtle changes in the air…
Springtime’s coming…

On the heels of a Winter wind, balmy breezes
will blow across your garden again,
the seeds of hope you’ve planted,
are alive beneath the snow, the blooms are yet to show…
this season will end.

Springtime’s coming, after the winter wind.

I know it’s hard to imagine that Spring’s on the way…
With the trees brown and barren and the skies so gray

Right before your eyes God has the sweetest surprise
All the new things He’s prepared to colour your world…
Springtime’s coming.

As long as heaven and earth remain
God promises the seasons will change
Springtime’s coming.

My husband gave me this card some years back for our anniversary… Many seasons have passed from that anniversary to this day.  And I can truly say that God has had the sweetest surprises in store for me following some of the seemingly most barren seasons.  Praise the Lord.  He only does all things well.  May I never take this for granted.

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