Things are looking up!

I just heard that phrase.  It has nothing to do with anything in particular, but I was just thinking:  doesn’t just hearing that phrase lift your thoughts?  Imagine if you were to be shopping for groceries this afternoon and you were to overhear someone in the next aisle say:  Things are looking up!  You’d probably smile and think, my-o-my… I wonder what’s happening with her?

What if your husband were to walk through the back doorway this evening and exclaim, Honey! Things are looking up! Or, consider hearing your son strolling into the kitchen announcing:  Ma, things are looking up! Imagine picking up the paper and reading the headline (regarding the economy, the weather or new modest clothing styles): Things are looking up!


I’m thinking of saying the things are looking up phrase the next time I go to the store.  When asked, how’s your day going, I think I’ll try answering: Things are looking up! I mean, no offense here, but isn’t: things are looking up a bit more encouraging than, say, Better than I deserve? Or, how about: Good, thanks.  That just doesn’t offer anyone any hope or help at all.   But things are looking up just seems to be an invitation to smile — an encouragement to agree that things are indeed looking up!

‘Course, I’ll probably be fumbling with my rewards-card and my purse and cellphone and keys and debit card and I’ll probably just greet the cashier as I always do… in an attempt to bring out a smile by asking: How’s your day going?  And then in return I’ll probably just reply, Good, thanks!  And on the way out, I’ll remember: Things are looking up! doh!!

I hope I smile and remember the things are looking up phrase.  It’s so much cheerier than: Good, thanks.  

I’m cleaning some cabinets today, on this second day of summer.  It’s very bright and cheery — I have all the lights on in the kitchen and dining room.  Things are looking up!!

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