Thirty three  and a quarter years ago today, Wes and I were married in SanFrancisco.  The glow we had that 4th day of February truly was the glow of love, but it was also the glow of a high fever — a fever that led us to go to the doctor for meds and a fever that led to us to cancel our honeymoon plans to go to Hawaii — to Maui.

We’ve often commented over the years that we knew the Lord was in control of those plans — those cancellations — and had a better plan for us for that time.  We just dreamed we’d take that honeymoon trip someday.

As I type this message, I’m seated outside on a lovely lanai, beside Wes at a beautiful teak dining table — terracotta tiles under our bare feet.  Many times in the last couple of days I’ve been crying at the grace and mercy of the Lord as I reflect on the provision of the Lord, the experiences of the last year and a half and the exceeding merciful kindness He’s shown me – us. Tears of joy, tears of sorrow, tears of thankfulness, tears of regret, tears of hope.  This morning, I’m so humbled and cry more tears…

We’re having morning coffee together, rested from a day of travel and a wonderfully romantic night and first morning in a villa of indescribable beauty.   From this lanai, we hear the sweetest music as the birds sing from tree to tree.  As we look out, we have the most incredible view of palm trees, breathtaking  plants and flowers, the glittering ocean — the only sounds are our voices, the chirping of the birds and the swaying of the palms in the warm breeze.  And sunshine – glorious sunshine.

Someday has come and we’re on our honeymoon… thirty three years later.

But that’s not why we’re here — though it is truly a romantic, honeymoon-feeling trip, we know there’s a far greater purpose, a far more important reason we’re here… for we didn’t plan this trip — we couldn’t have; we didn’t choose this magnificent spot, we wouldn’t have been able to do so.  And the unbelievable accommodations and amenities… we’re almost unable to comprehend or absorb.  We’re simply  here by the grace and mercy of the Lord — through the generosity of someone who arranged this whole occasion for us.  We’re waiting on the Lord for His work to be done in and through us.  We’re waiting on Him to show us more of the why we’re here – and we pray for His complete restoration, rejuvenation, refreshment and ministry to be done in and through us.  Together and individually.

And so… to the Lord and to our generous benefactor we can only very humbly say:  Thank You and Thank you.

I’ll share more later.  But I want to conclude with a note about our prayer and Bible reading this morning – which I will also explain in more detail later.  I’m reading in Joshua 14-15… Wes is, in the natural course of  his daily reading through the Word, reading about the Lord’s direction to Elijah in 1 Kings 17 & 18.   This is of such extreme importance to us – for it is sort of a stunning & miraculous confirmation to us regarding the message our generous benefactor gave us in this gift.  It could not be coincidence that he would be reading there on this day.  A Co-incident, but not a coincidence.  Praise only the Lord.

And, by the way, the unbelievably deep blue of the water contrasted against the lighter blue sky and billowy white clouds… well, it’s just… unbelievable.  More tears.

5 thoughts on “33.25

  1. Pamela,
    This makes my heart sing! I’m so happy you and Wes get to honeymoon together–and in Hawaii, too! I hope you two have a wonderful time, and I also hope you’ll post pictures!

  2. Pam. Please post pictures. Thank you. Hannah.

    ha ha, miss you guys! Hope you’re having a fabulous time! I love you both <3

  3. Thank you, Lanita and Grace… it’s really remarkable to us that we’re here. We both are still sort of in disbelief that we’re even here. Thank you for your loving friendship.

  4. I feel blessed just reading about it. Pamela, I am so happy for you and Wes. I can’t wait to hear what God has in store for the two of you and your family. God is so good!!

    Have an awesome time!!

    (I lived in Hawaii from 1979-1981. I met my wonderful husband there and our first daughter was born there. There are a LOT of great memories there for me.)

  5. I am so excited for you, for Wes, and to see what the Lord will bring you in these next days and years. It is sweet serving Jesus!!!
    Happy Honeymooning to you both!

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