I very rarely promote store boycotts or product-boycotts  — mostly bcz I couldn’t possibly keep on top of who sells what and where egregiously offensive materials, products, etc., etc., are sold and bcz of the huge impracticality of such boycotts.  But sometimes something is brought to my attention that I cannot ignore.  Stuff dealing with the use/abuse of children — especially when that stuff negatively impacts their sexuality, their well being or how they’re treated by their families and/or caregivers — for these, I must not remain silent.  And, in a round about way, I’m asking you to not remain silent either.

Even if I were not a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, though I am —  more importantly, I’m a mother of many children and, as such, it is both my duty and honour to defend and protect them from people who would use or abuse them.  Sexual abuse is more rampant than we imagine… most people cannot even imagine it to be a reality.  But it is.  It’s a sickening, gripping reality for those who experience(d) it.

So, Amazon.  The book, “The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure: a Child-lover’s Code of Conduct” by Philip R. Greaves II, offers advice to pedophiles afraid of becoming the center of retaliation. It is an electronic book available for Inc.’s Kindle e-reader.

I like Amazon — I even recommend it — but always with this personal disclaimer: I don’t endorse everything Amazon sells or offers or advertises.  Same with Costco, by the way.  Or  Winco, Walmart, Target.  Or the local pet store.  Or The Seattle Times newspaper.

Write to Amazon – go through their customer service…  Ask them to remove this product from their catalog.

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  1. Thank you! I had intended to write about this earlier today — but didn’t have opportunity to do so.
    I know you share the same passion to protect children & families from predators such as these. I trust the LORD with you that each endeavor to protect children will be blessed.

    Thank you for writing. God bless you and your home!! <3

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