heard at our house today (HAOHT #62310)

♥  ‘melia told me she loved the beautiful ‘drangeas’ in the front.   I said,  O, ‘melia, it’s hydrangeas — further enunciating: HY-drangeas.   She said, O — no mama, not the high ones — the low ones — the drangeas.

♥  This morning ‘melia told Hannah that it would be 73 grees today.  I think she thinks the de in degrees is sort of an article of speech and not particular to the word degree.

♥  Reminds me of when she used to say, that’s a good dea, when commenting on a thought or idea someone else had — as if to think that *i*dea is only used when expressing an original thought or a personal opinion – thus, the *I*dea.

♥  I so wish I’d taken my own advice and had written down all the cute “ism’s” of each child.   Some “______-ism’s” have remained or have become part of our family vocabulary, but many most have been forgotten in  the sea of experiences once lived.  I know I thought at the time that I’d never possibly forget each cute word or comment different youngers said.  But I didn’t write everything down and I haven’t remembered all the things I thought I’d never forget and I didn’t take enough photographs of things, days, events that would have been perfect moments to capture.

♥  So, today’s welcome home is:

  1. write stuff down.
  2. take a photograph of today.
  3. record a child’s voice or play.
  4. record a prayer request, lay it before the Lord – just watch and see, it will not be unredeemed.
  5. smile.  you look so much prettier that way.

3 thoughts on “heard at our house today (HAOHT #62310)

  1. Hi Pamela,
    so good to know that you are back! I completely understand about “good” things taking your time…I too have been convicted of this as of late. You have been an encourage to me through the things and I cannot thank you enough.

  2. Mrs. Spurling,

    You are right, we need to take notes, pictures and video of these moments. They pass by so fast! I would have liked to do a better job at recording these special things but thankfully my children remind me often of the cute things that happen or were said.

    I hope you have a blessed day.

    Ouida Gabriel

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