Leave it to Levi Strauss & Co to be at the forefront…

Of some sort of trend or controversy or something… These are just some things I’ve been mulling over since seeing a Levi’s ad.


Do you s’pose this just might be a boon to the company — a marvelous marketing campaign that just might bolster sagging retail sales?

I appreciate the seeming change of heart at LS & Co — or the affirmation that men — hard working men — not social causes, have built their company. That, or someone in their ad department had a brilliant idea to market pants to — da ta da dahhhhhh — Men!

I remember fifteen years, or so, ago that Levi Strauss was on my personal “do-not-buy-retail” product list. That was for its stand on marriage and benefits to other than traditional marriage and later its stand on the Boy Scouts, et al. Well… I feel fairly certain that their overall corporate position on roles and gender blending/blundering and moral ambiguity, etc., etc., has not changed. And, for that matter, the company has more than likely attempted to keep a step ahead of metropolitan trends.

Not that Levi Strauss is, in the grand scheme of things, the end all be all, but as marketing goes, there will be others who join in the affirmation of God ordained uniqueness just as there will be those who mock the company relentlessly. Though you won’t hear about God or God’s marvelous design. You’ll hear something else — a message of the importance of being strong, perhaps of men who are dashing and debonair, mannerly and in style. Or something along that line. I think just like this country is bound to break under the strain of economic chaos, so also, men can’t stay on this feminized or, figuratively speaking, emasculated role to which domineering women have relegated them. Men were not created to be what many women are demanding them to be.

So, do you think men might finally take a stand against the lies that have been foisted on them and begin to see their incredible worth, their design and God given roles and responsibilities — as defenders, leaders, protectors, providers, endowed by the Lord to be heads of their homes and responsible for their families to be respectful and to guard women and children, etc., etc.?

Or will that happen when women embrace their unique and precious design and calling… and eagerly live it?

3 thoughts on “Leave it to Levi Strauss & Co to be at the forefront…

  1. Well first of all… obviously this advertisement is marketed toward certain people in a way that enforces what we call today, in this ever changing society, GENDER ROLES. The evolution of mind means breaking conventions in order to survive. Physically, we are done evolving, but you see, nature never stops evolving. The great thing about being a human being is the ability to have mental power over physical. No one is ever meant to do or be anything, for the potential for greatness is mental and not determined by gender. So naturally, our minds evolve. Trivializing women in this way is in a way more disgusting than the idea of abortion, for it is something that happens everyday in TV, movies, and in the advertisements that attract crowds such as yourselves. The sad part is, many are blind, and still haven’t felt the need to evolve with the next generation.

    In no way am I attacking hard working men, because I’d like to look at myself that way, but in no way should women have to subject themselves to a set life within a domestic setting. To me, this is a natural way to survive and raise the next batch of human DNA to populate and dominate the world, looking at it biologically. The fact of the matter is, we are too populated and already have devastating things happening all over the world because of it, and nature doesn’t have it for us to destroy ourselves. Not all great minds are men, and the more great minds from all places of denomination, the better for the actual survival of the people we have on this earth already.

  2. I don’t normally buy pants for my husband new. I buy a lot of our stuff second hand or we are blessed by others who give us their clothes. I did however buy two pairs of Dockers and wrote the company a note why I did. I got a standard response from them but that is ok. I just wanted them to know I appreciated that they were doing this. With the backlash coming out I figured I should tell them why I supported them when normally I don’t. My husband loved Levi’s before we married – and how I loved him in them! 😉 but we stopped buying them new. I don’t know if I will go out of my way in the future but for now I wanted them to know I support them.

    I did wonder how Levi’s stood on some issues before I bought the pants. I realized even if in the past they did wrong, right now I would give them my money. I had never heard of them giving money for abortion issues and that is my top of the list no no. If you don’t value life then you value nothing.

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