Patriotism is one thing. But…

4 thoughts on “Patriotism is one thing. But…

  1. Karen —
    With all due respect, you read much more into what I share that what is written or intended and surely you assume much more about me that I could ever possibly have conveyed in this small space. You’d likely be surprised by what I do and don’t believe and how I’m not a cookie-cutter copy of whatever groups or people you seem to think I’m part of — though you seem to assume I am. And just for the record, I have not dumped you into any particular group or labeled you in any particular manner — nor will I. I just want to be clear about that… if nothing else, but to demonstrate that I’m a whole lot more willing to dialogue than the seeming hateful person you address after my name.

    And, by the way, I’m so glad you like Cheryl’s work and find encouragement from her — I do, too — she’s very dear.

    sincerely, pamela <3

  2. You know Pamela, I get such a better view of a true Christian from copperswife. She does more to lead me to the Lord with her kind non-accusing walk than you ever will with your one-sided barrage of fear mongering propaganda. You are trying to work every one who reads you into a wild frenzy of paranoia against those of us who don’t worship exactly. like. you. do. Or view the world exactly. like. you. do. Cheryl simply shows us how living a Christian lifestyle fulfills her life. It’s so much more welcoming and convincing than your “sky is falling” antics. Maybe if you were more like her you would actually bring people closer to Christ rather than send them running away for fear of people like YOU.

  3. So we’ve never been taught to respect and listen to our Presidents before? I’m sure if it were Reagan you’d be all for it.

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