cream puffs.

teacuppamela.pngBlind trust is a dangerous thing sometimes.  It’s what makes us vulnerable to accepting things we’d not ordinarily accept and makes us do things we’d not ordinarily do.  Hope’s like that sometimes too.  We sometimes want something so badly that we’ll believe just about anything for that need to be met or filled.  Some will sacrifice just about anything to have deep seated longings fulfilled.

When I was six years old my mother was dating a man she would eventually marry. I so wanted to call him daddy.  We took a train to his home and we visited him.  While we were there I noticed that in one of the bedrooms of his home was a beautiful white bed with a pink canopy — the bedspread was white and the pillow had a ruffle and lace around the edge… the curtains in that room were ruffled.  I didn’t know my mother was poor until I saw that room and I didn’t know I was born to be a princess until I saw that bed.  I didn’t know we had a very limited food budget until he brought great food to our home.  I wanted him to be our daddy.  So badly.

I will never forget the great disappointment of discovering that that beautiful princess bed would not become mine, but belonged to his daughter and when my mother married him and we moved into his home that bed was no longer in the room that was to be my room.  One of my first intense brushes with reality.   It would be the first of many.  I would learn along the way that oftentimes, posers immoral men who marry a second wife have a paved road they continue to travel and that road has many intersections.  But that’s a story for another time.   (O, and about that little would-be princess? Don’t worry, I’m fine.  I’m over it. I have a canopy bed now.)

Hope will lead people to make decisions they’d not ordinarily make.  Wine or smooth speech will, too.  Infatuated women bed down with total strangers because they think in the heat of a moment that someone will love them, provide whatever they need and care for them forever — believing the lies and promises of the smooth talker.  Never giving one thought to the fact that that ‘lover’ will forget their name, not recall the night and will never fulfill the promises or remember the lies. Never giving one thought to the potential for deadly harm or physical disease.  Never giving one thought to the lifelong consequences of giving in to someone whose seductive smile lured them into the bed of future sorrow. Never giving one thought to the fact that nothing is known of the history, track-record or actual accomplishments of the one who would use and abuse and leave behind as a discarded toy.  Blind trust is a very dangerous thing… infatuation is, too.  So is hope in a poser or smooth speech fool.

What seems and what is are two very different things.

So, tomorrow’s the Inauguration ceremony for the 44th President of the United States.  I think many are looking for a daddy to believe in… a lover to romance them… a hero to save them.  Many in our land who have been seduced by the enticing words, see the beautiful canopy bed or whatever else the mirage contains and believe the king will make them princes and princesses, too.
More later.  And cream puffs?  I couldn’t think of another entry title today.


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  1. Pamela,
    Very well said..and unfortunately, I could so relate with your metaphor…I completely agree…Days will tell and I am sure that the first 100 will be very telling…We as a nation have wanted God out of our faces for so long…now I think we will see what that looks like…may the righteous pray fervently for mercy…remember, Sodom and Gomorrah needed 10 righteous to save it from judgement. And if judgement is coming, may we be a light in the darkness pointing to true salvation, peace and change…giving the reason for the hope that is within us.

  2. Mrs. Spurling,

    I found myself nodding my head and saying “umhmm” in agreement as I read. As someone who used to live for the moment that someone would finally love me only to have them not even remember my name, I find the connection to Obama frightening. It is like we are begging for someone, anyone to love us all the while not realizing what we are going to get ourselves into. I was married before, and boy, I sure thought I was going to die when he left me. I was pregnant as well as having my oldest daughter Nicole. I couldn’t even think straight. I remember saying and doing things that I so regret. I begged him to stay even though he was intimately involved with another woman. I was in such a state that I would put up with anything he had to offer just if he would stay with me. Now, I find it repulsing that I acted like that. I would never put up with such actions in this point in my life. But see, there were times in my past that I have said I wished I never met my first husband. But I learned a lot of good lessons. I learned how a man should treat a woman, not have her living in fear but with comfort, trust, love, joy, and passion. The point of this comment is that I see Obama as a painful lesson that we are going to have to learn from. In 4 years, and hopefully it won’t take 8, we will see how America blindly fell for this man without even questioning who he really was or what he stood for. I sincerely hope that Obama is a wonderful president. Just as I pray for my first husband and his family, I will pray for God to guide Obama in doing Gods will. As bad as things can get, I know that God is in control. He will provide and take care of His children. Just as God has opened my eyes to what true love is, perhaps God will open the eyes of those who have been fooled by this new administration.

    And I sincerely hope that in 2012 someone worthwhile is running for president. I couldn’t bring myself to vote for McCain for the life of me. As much as I am for women staying in the home, Palin is looking better and better. What has our nation come to when real men can not be found to run for office????

    Mrs. Damian (Ouida) Garcia

  3. Pamela,
    so very true! Could not have said it any better~ This too has been weighing on my mind heavily…How will God judge our country for this horrifying decision. I think of the FOCA legislation that he wants to pass as one of his first acts.That we would have too have our federal dollars go to abortion on is simply too much! I pray that God will not allow this to happen …I pray that God puts a mighty hand on him and the congress and halts any wickedness and evil they have planned.

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