So,I forgot that on election night our boys had a soccer (I know, Timothy:  futbol!!) game and Sam was playing and in a close and exciting match there was a bit of fancy footwork and an ensuing fall… and he came up with a broken finger.  I attempted to call Wes so that he could take Sam to the ER – but Wes was with Hannah at the obedience school for her new dog (yes, that’s another long story!).  Well… in the midst of groaning over the very sore hand and the groaning over the election results – Wes returned home to take Samuel in to the ER – and to add to the excitement of the evening, in a play after Samuel fell – Stephen (playing goalie) was kicked in the hand and so – just for an added dimension, Wes took him along to the ER, too.  It was a bit of comic relief as several of the kids came over after the soccer game to celebrate Stephen’s birthday — yes, that was in there, too… anyway, they were eating ice cream cake and comparing injury play-by-play’s.

I know I’m sure going to miss these days someday…  Someday, I’ll be sitting here at my desk looking back… I know I’ll miss these days.

sam's broken finger

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  1. Pamela,
    oh my! When it rains it pours….Hope everyone is well now. How is the dog training going? We have very little dog with a very big attitude…

  2. **OUCH**!! There’s nothing like battle scars though, especially for men. Hearing them talk about how they got them is like listening to women’s birth stories. The milestones of our journeys on this earth. I hope they’re both okay now.

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