Thoughts on the election.

teacuppamela.pngAs I begin this blog entry, I’m staring out at the white heart-picket fence and the weeping willow tree branches are swaying in the rainy breeze… willow leaves cover the grass and puddles have formed in the wheel ruts of the lane… a squirrel just hopped out of the tire swing to make another nut run.

My thoughts are interrupted… and I begin to ponder: day after day the squirrels run back and forth — gathering and hoarding nuts for the winter.  I wonder if I ought to take lessons from them or attempt to brush off a lingering uneasiness regarding the seemingly tumultuous days ahead.  I wonder if we ought to “consider the ant…” and do more to store – do more to prepare – do more to fortify.  And then I remember I was going to write about the election.

I purposely didn’t write much about my personal stand/plan or voting conviction or opinion.  Not so much bcz everyone’s got one, but bcz it seemed as though discussions about the candidates sort of starts a firestorm in some gatherings and I really didn’t want to start or be a part of one.  So… now, after the fact I will share some of the titles of incomplete blog entries and perhaps after this post I will simply delete those message drafts. Here are a few Blog titles I see in my ‘drafts’ folder:  Really, What if it’s True? The Last Free Election!  The Right Woman for The Job! Who are You Going to Vote For?  One Vote Says A Lot.  On the Bandwagon… and a few more.

Here are a few things I wrote… and these thoughts will be jumbled and they are a compilation of several blog entries never posted and they are ‘old news’ now… but such as they were, here you go:

teacuppamela.pngI’ve heard people lament that this is the last “free” election in this country — presidential or otherwise.  No, it’s not.  The last free election was probably was likely 8 years ago – no, probably 12 years ago.  This (upcoming election) is not the last free election by a long shot.  The media — actors & actresses, political pawns along with political masterminds and forces to great for this small mind to comprehend routed this election and have essentially duped more than half the American people.  Amazing.

When I stop to consider for a few moments some of the more recent statements made by Barak Obama and his (what was he thinking?) running mate, Joe Biden, I just shake my head and sit here pretty much speechless – or, rather, voiceless. It’s not that there’s nothing to say — quite the contrary.  It’s that there appears to be few listening to voices of reason, voices of truth — voices with facts.  I listened to some “man-on-the-street” interviews (and no, I won’t link them here for obvious reasons – the radio talkshow host being the first), and the interviewer was asking random ‘voters’ basic questions about Barak Obama and the talking point facts used in the questions were actually not Barak Obama’s views at all.  The questions were something like:  That is, they would ask questions like this:  “Are you more for Obama’s policy because he’s pro-life, or because he thinks he our troops should stay in Iraq and finish this war?”  And they would say something like, ‘because he’s keeping the troops in Iraq’.

  But really… it’s scary to think that Obama will likely be elected and will do so never having clearly defined what the Change! (can ya hear it??) really means or what Change! will do to, will be, or will do for Mr. & Mrs. Average-Family or Mr. Not-so-Average-Whatever or for Mr. Got-a-Bunch.  Well, we know that Mr. Got-a-Bunch won’t, right off the bat.

I guess all we really know right now is that Barak Obama sounds like a child going around the class promising to give all the children candy and ice-cream everyday and telling them that they don’t have to do anything anymore… no chores, no schoolwork, no studying — no more rules — only recess from now on and they will have a guaranteed spot on the stage at the graduation ceremony — and the rich college students will do all their work from now on — hey! they already got an education – you haven’t gotten one yet — why should you have to work at your education? — you should have theirs! you deserve theirs!!.

For Joe Biden to be pleading with  folks to hang in there with them through the Change………………. it won’t be easy.  I’m thinkin’ – You got that one right.  It will not be easy to stand by an watch this country implode. further.  More Biden “Watch — we’re gonna have an international crisis, a generated crisis, to test the mettle of this guy,” Biden assured. “I don’t know what the decision is going to be, but I promise you it will occur. As a student of history, and having served with seven presidents, I guarantee you it is going to happen.”  All this while also tipping his hand for *more taxes* on the rich — they’ll have to pay more tax because Appealing to the emotions – don’t you just hear a plea for saving Jack Kennedy?

But you know… interestingly, one cool thing (no pun intended) about all this rhetoric?  We haven’t really heard much from AlGore and global warming.  ‘Course… it is really, really cold this time of year.  I think it’s going to be a long, long winter… remember hanging chads, dimpled chads and all that stuff… Yep… it’s going to be a long winter… and already in Florida.

One vote.  It’s all it is: one vote.  One vote makes a bold statement.  One vote endorses a whole series of decisions.  One vote, for example, might say: Yeah, I endorse this person and everything s/he believes.  It says, I can trust them to speak for me on issues that concern me and my family — it says, I believe s/he will do the right thing, say the right thing and will fight for things I believe to be relevant or important to my family and my nation.  My vote is important.  O — believe me, I don’t for a minute feel that my vote will make a difference in the outcome of the upcoming election – but I will vote, nonetheless.  With that vote, I will be standing up for what I think is right — I won’t be voting for what I think is the lesser of two evils nor will I be voting for incremental change– no, no… I will not vote pragmatically.  I’ve done that before and couldn’t stand the ‘voter’s remorse’ the next day.  I won’t give into the notion that a vote for ______ is a vote for Obama.  I don’t believe that.  A vote for _____ is a vote for _____ and that’s that.O, when the tallies are posted and you see x-million for obama and x-million for mccain, the latter will have significantly fewer – and it will appear that votes for third party candidates just added to obama’s tally — but though it won’t be shown, the votes for others will be simply that – votes for others (and not obama).

The presidential election (and numerous other significant elections as well) in this country is just 6 weeks away.   In six weeks we will likely know the outcome of this ugly contest. For me, it will come none too soon.  The spurious attacks, the tawdry insinuations and baseless innuendos — it’s all been a shameful display of ruthlessness.

If I vote for Sarah Palin I will be saying, yeah… sure… she (and  it’s a good idea for Christian women) would be a great Vice President.  My vote for Sarah Palin would say:  O, all these things I believe, these things I write, these things I teach about marriage, motherhood and the home?? — well, they aren’t really true – or, rather, I don’t actually believe these things.   Yes, I believe she has a calling and I believe she’s the right woman for the job!  Yes, she is lovely and gifted and capable and strong — she’s just right for the job.  The LORD being her helper, she’s got what it takes, she’s qualified and she’s proving she’s got the tenacity to do the job God’s called her – yea, designed her to have.  I’m praying, I’m writing her and I’m hoping she will heed the call, that she will model for women – for Christian women all over the US – that her job – the job for which she’s been uniquely gifted, the job for which she is marvelously suited — yes, her job… her job is the most important, and she will *stay home* and *do it!*   My vote for JMcCain/Sarah Palin would be a vote for her to leave her calling.  And. I. won’t. do. that.

Then there’s the tireless Obamedia… and the obamessiah… mesmerizing the crowds… the swooning crowds — remember all the fainting in the summer??  [[man, I’ll bet some folks are fainting now as they realize just what they’ve done!!]] I wonder when an innocent child will say: Look, Mama… the emperor has no clothes!  Will anyone listen?  Will anyone admit the facade is what it is? Will anyone (who currently defends all “That One” says) let the scales be removed from their eyes and see the Truth?

It’s like there’s a pounding and the ground is crying out… and yet the Truth is being turned aside for a lie.  Do you hear it?  Do you hear the sound of the bandwagon?  It’s beckoning you to jump on… to climb aboard and go on for the ride.  You stand on the roadside, a hand to your forehead shielding your eyes from the brightness of the sun… and you might even wince at the deafening strains and the beat of the drums calling you to join in and dance on the bandwagon.


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  1. Hi Pamela

    We watched the last stages of the American election here in oz on November 5th. I was so disappointed with the outcome. I even wrote a blog entitled “Gunpowder, Treason and Plot” and started it “Remember, remember, the fifth of November…”

    What a lot of people here don’t realise, is that whoever / whatever happens in the US will rule / happen here, too. We mirror the US a lot. One of the most outstanding scenes that really got to me was the one where they showed the celebrations in Kenya, and Kenyans delcaring “God has rewarded us”.

    What the????

    I thought this was about America, for the Americans??? Now tell me this wasn’t a racist vote… Or based on colour?

    And what of Indonesia having the highest rate of Islam supporters? Has America forgotten 911 so soon?

    When will people look at the heart of man? When will they look on the inside? Anyone can offer fair and sweet speech. Hitler was very good at it, too.


    Anyway, I’m rambling. Love to you and your family,

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