Whatsoever Things…

I must say… the political things are not the most important things to think on — though they are the things filling the space these days.  I considered a friend’s comment (regarding something completely unrelated) the other night — something she had shared with a friend of hers some time ago when the friend’s thoughts were occupied by unrighteous things.  She said, you are giving way too much mind space to that thing.  I considered this this morning as I realized I was allowing political mess to occupy too much space in my mind.

In the end, all that will matter is what we’ve done with the LORD.  He will not ask who we voted for, or what we thought of the state of the state or the state of the economy or whatever.  The question will be what it was for His disciples — whom do *you* say that I am?

  1. Oh WOW! That had me crying. God is so good to us, so merciful and loving. I so hope that a lot of people see that video.

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