what if it’s true?

teacuppamela.pngI keep wondering how all this stuff is going to pan… Earlier today I heard a woman say that it would be a total miracle if JMcCain was elected President… and I replied that it would be a *miracle* if BarackObama were to be elected.  O… no, no, no… not bcz of any polls or anything like that but bcz he’s a man who’s largely come out of nowhere and has nothing clearly defined as far as policy or plausible solutions to the dilemma of the catastrophic financial and social problems facing this county (and around the world) and yet he *owns* the mainstream media outright — owns the opinion polls and doesn’t have to come clean on his records or public or private liaisons.

I’ve been writing, deleting, rewriting and thinking on this post for days — maybe weeks.  Each day as another story is posted (and ignored by the mainstream media — which I now call Obamedia)  I say to myself… what if it’s true?  I mean, how will all this play out in the end.  And, THE end is clearly coming into view.

I marvel that media turns a blind eye to all-things-Obama and seems to ignore questions or doubts — in fact, it’s eerily strange that practically ALL media — news, journalists, movie stars — actors and actresses — entertainers all seem to be in the boat with Obama — thus, giving the appearance that *everybody* is for him — everybody! Thus, the Obamedia.  A man nobody really knows – saying things no one can really define — is being hailed as a king.

A couple of the following links and dots were gathered days ago, but this morning, David Kupelian has a succinctly written article that puts everything out on the table and chronicles the Obama record — beginning with addressing Obama as the Manchurian Candidate.  As I think on that I wonder… what’s in all of this for Obama?  What’s in all of this for whoever’s behind his candidacy or probable potential  Presidency?   Tempature’s rising… the tide is swelling and yet, more is being uncovered — and then completely discredited by Obamedia and judicial power.

I read articles and listen to or watch coverage of different past events, alliances, etc., etc., concerning Barack Obama  (dot) and I have to just wonder if — well, two things: one, what if it’s true? and why doesn’t this play out in the mainstream?  Again, what if it’s true??  What if it’s true, for example, that Ayers is really the author of Dreams From My Father?  Or what if it’s true that Barack Obama’s grandmother was in the delivery room — in K-e-n-y-a (dot) — when Barack Obama was born?  What if it’s true?  So does that mean the quick trip to visit Grandma in Hawaii last week was a little bit of damage control — I mean, it’s interesting, isn’t it? I mean, what if she dies — this week — after that article surfaced — last week — ?  Will it become an Ashely Todd sort of deal made up for what? publicity?  But what if it’s not made up and what if it’s true?

My husband — listening to my meanderings said this stuff all sounds like the Vince Foster days – the Ron Brown day of the Clinton admin.  Yes, I thought so, too.  Then, like a lunatic, I started wondering… hmmmmm whatever did happen there, anyway… do you think the Clinton’s…? Nah…… too risky… but what if…  And then I think back on all the shady alliances – deaths, firings, missing files, propaganda… and consider that it was all hushed and swept under the carpet.  Will this be the case with Obama and his ‘shady’ alliances?  Or — maybe more harrowing, will all these things come to light AFTER he’s elected President?

So, how about that Socialist Party membership? or this one? And what if BObama is not really a US Citizen and that being the case, how’s it going to play out in half of mainstream America -what is half of that half going to do — I mean, I’ve just gotta believe that some of those did take Civics and have at least a small understanding of the huge implications of that foreign birth and this campaign –and if it’s true — I mean: what if it’s true — then this is fraudulent campaign. I mean, I’m just sayin’ – that’s all.

My husband was reminding me (again!) of the great blessing of THESE days… and I see more and more why he says this.  He gets up from the breakfast table after Bible study and most mornings he says, these are exciting days to be alive!! Usually those words are accompanied by some hand gesture of accomplishment or victory!

We’re one day closer!! And I don’t mean one day closer to election day — but to That Day.

What a Day that will be…


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  1. I can’t even read all that nonsense anymore. I just can’t. The time is coming soon and while soon to God may be years to us, I do believe it will be in my lifetime. There is a little fear in my heart but more joy than fear. The fear is a natural part of being human my husband has told me. The joy is because I know what is to come, something that when it happens will never be seen before or after. My hope is in Jesus and all this has to happen to see His Glorious face!

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