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Obama on abortion & ‘mistakes’ that ‘punish’

The first thing he’d do… as President. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.

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  • God forbid! After watching this just now, I had a tantrum. After the tantrum, and telling my dh what this man said, I turned to my two boys and said, “If you EVER get yourself in that position (which you better not EVER do), come to us and we’ll figure it all out. Do not EVER consider abortion. Do you understand? Never consider it. And never put yourself in that situation. Sin happens all the live long day, and one sin does not make another ok. Abortion is murder!” Actually, I think I continued my tantrum with them. My boys shook their heads and said, “Mom, that man makes me sad. I can’t even think about killing a baby.” Have mercy on that man, Lord.

  • Jill

    this makes me sick…COME LORD JESUS, COME! Thank you for posting this!

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